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By evanpetzer | Crypto Evan | 25 May 2019

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Join me on Lite.IM on WhatsApp - the world's easiest Bitcoin wallet where you can send & recieve as well as earn Bitcoin/Litecoin by referring your friends.

Start Here To Start Recieving & Sending Bitcoin


Joining with the link above will enable you to start receiving and sending both #Bitcoin & #Litecoin on WhatsApp messenger. One of the Social giants Whatsapp aims to lower the entry barrier for the average person to be able to adopt and use #cryptocurrency.

With WhatssApp having more than 1.5 Billion users globally this could be the easiest and fastest way to adopt cryptocurrency into our everyday life.


How Do I Get Started?

It is very easy to get started and requires no knowledge our prior cryptocurrency experience whatsoever. I will guide you through the steps step by step just in case you need some assistance. As a new user taking advantage of this development you will be earning by referring your Whatsapp Contacts to make use of this service.


All you have to do as a user is to add the Lite.Im WhatsApp bot and follow the instructions to start using and earning virtual currencies on the app.

  1. Start the process by clicking HERE.

  2. Choose your Language

  3. Set a password

  4. You’re all set!

The smart reading already saw option 6, share your code with friends and you can earn Bitcoin, it really is the easiest and most convenient way to use and send cryptocurrency. This is yet another easy way to use and earn cryptocurrency from the comfort of your home.



Once you are all set up make sure to spread the word and increase your opportunity on earning extra Bitcoin. It is easy to use and will change the world of crypto.


Another bonus point is that the app does support ERC20 tokens but has not yet been implemented on WhatsApp. What does that mean? Well soon we will be seeing Euthereum being added as well as the opportunity to earn from receiving Airdrops.

Whenever you get stuck just reply "0" to reset the menu options. Let me know how your experience of this innovative change has helped your adoption of cryptocurrency.




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