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Hello Rollers😇

Today we add some really special and extremely requestable thing to the game🕶
Previously, RLT was only available for purchase with crypto. In this update, we allow you to MINE RLT🤑
You can allocate all your mining power to RLT⛏ or mine it along with BTC, DOGE or ETH.

But this is not all for today❗
We've added USDt in deposit options, so it will be easier to purchase miners for you
In the meantime, we continue to work on the next updates and will add some cool features to the game, so stay tuned📻


So a really a nice thing what we have wait for!

Mining RLT is a good Way , to get fast higher Cloudminer ,with good amount of hashing!

So people what you wait for , we see use in Rollercoin!








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Crypto earnings with little Games
Crypto earnings with little Games

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