MyConstant's Secret Treasure Hunt

              Apychasers.crypto had to share this secret treasure chest found on Myconstant.


Myconstant is a collateral-backed P2P (peer2peer a.k.a. person to person for those of us that are new) lending platform that pays up to 7% APR (5x better than a CD!) basically putting your crypto up for collateral rather than your car with better interest rates and still having transportation, and those of us that have had to use a title loan feel the anxiety that comes with it, know it can be nerve-racking. I prefer to use my crypto as collateral as needed, not to say I'm going to use it but it's nice to have it in place when needed, at least I know my crypto can still grow in value while its being used, and receive the extra value it has accumulated. On average no car will ever go up in value. However this article is not about the functionality of the platform, but rather (storing up my mini treasure chest), and learning from them. 




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I didn't even know I was looking for it until I started searching for the right questions. You see, Myconstant is nothing special and doesn't boast of any wow apy's. 4% apr much like many other platforms, nor does it give you a list to choose from.  To be honest, they are very simple and only offer BTC, ETH, and BNB, 4% apr's that's it, no other tokens. So why park your money here, well Myconstant allows you to choose the 4% apy in those tokens or 7% in prv. I know, the next questions were, what's prv and why do I want or care about it.  What I love about some of these platforms is it forces you to dig deeper, go further down the rabbit hole, explore uncharted waters of crypto. So after some digging, it is a privacy token, meaning it doesn't get sent publicly. Maybe now this concept isn't important, but as governments adapt in becoming more intrusive, requesting you to report it on your taxes, or searching and hiring contractors, who know how to hack hardware wallets, says a lot of how they are preparing for the future. Regardless if I'm sending $5.00 or $1,000,000.00 it's not something I feel the government needs to know about. Originally from January to about March, I had accrued about 35 PRV on Myconstant and couldn't put them in your normal wallets that we all know and use. After frustration and annoyance, I learned it required a special wallet called Incognito where I learned the difference between Public and private keys more in-depth. Basically gave me a first-hand experience working with private keys, rather than me reading about them in some article about someone doing blah blah blah, not important, the take away is that I now know just a little bit more about private keys and how they work. If anyone can show me more about the underground stuff I'm open to learning. Don't know how much time we have before the government starts implementing laws and fees on something they didn't believe existed in the first place, not too long ago. 


How To Make BIG Profits From Trading Penny Cryptocurrencies

How To Make BIG Profits From Trading Penny Cryptocurrencies

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