Bitcoin's recent Bear run might mean something in anticipation for the 'halvening'

By jordanjnr | Crypto Digest | 3 weeks ago

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It's almost like poetry. We all know those 4 words that have guided our trading and investing decisions up to this moment- 'buy low, sell high'. Well, bitcoin is low now. Really low. Almost to a scary level. And that's a good thing.

Personally, I love to ride out terrible bull runs like this as well as I can to the fullest  potential. I buy so much crypto I'm almost broke at the end of the month, and I hodl, waiting for the next bull run. Pretty simple strategy.

In all, bitcoin's price is low now. A low price generally means buyer exhaustion, and for good reason. Everyone is anticipating the halvening is about 7 months, when bitcoin's price is supposed to skyrocket into the high 20000s and beyond. And this recent bearish behavior of bitcoin shows that that price prediction might be true.

The price is so low now, making it a great time to acquire more Sats for less dollars. And when that halvening does come, and it will, whether or not people want to they will sell because the prices wold be through the roof- buyer's exhaustion has been eliminated. Profits start rolling in after that.


Please note that this is in no way financial advice.I am in no way, manner or form a certified financial analyst or expert. I am only sharing my viewpoint on what I think the price would be in the coming months. I do not endorse buying or selling of any crypto at any time, simply because I am not in control of the factors affecting them


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