Take your Pet to the VET!

Take your Pet to the VET!

This Sentence made me laugh a lot with all the due respect I have for the Doge. It come from the community which die to finally see VET reaching the 1 USD that it deserve.

Unlike some of the utility of store of value coin in the cryptosphere, VeChain is positioned as an enterprise solution. Focused on the supply chain with a long list of parterships. you can reconize famous name on below partnair.




VeChain and Vechain Thor combine many business processes and logistic tracking using QR codes and blockchain technology to verify and track ingredients and shipments with the internet of things and Distributed Ledger Technology. VeChain technologie provides transparency through traceability.

By Holding VET in the wallet you earn VTHO which is the "gas" of the system

VET is in the top 100 and deserve to be in the top 15. Price is more than affordable for the success to come.

Time to buy!

Wish you goo luck for the bull run to come.

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Few people knows that the cryptocurrency is already surrounding us and can be use in daily task in order simplify life, save money or create passive income.

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