LunarCruch - 1 Week Review

LunarCruch - 1 Week Review

What is Lunar?

Lunr is the first utility token leveraged by LunarCruch.                                                                                                                                                                Your attention is being monetized. All the information to feel the market is in one place and you are rewarded to get it.

Earn Lunr.

Earn Lunr for sharing, reffering friends, and using the LunarCrush app.                                                                                                                             

Level up.

Getting access to additional data and features by leveling up as users earn Lunr.                                                                                                             

Weekly Rewards.

Get eligibility for weekly rewards by participating and holding Lunr.                                                                                                                               


Future levels to come with additional dataand functionality, governance voting.                                                                                                                Staking available from 12 Apr and more.

How does it work?

By increasing profile strenth you increase your daily reward. In 3 days I,ve been able to reach the pro level and gain up to 1 Lunr daily. Lunr price is roughly 0,5 usd, I finished the week with 3 usd. not bad for a newbie.

By investing in lunr up to 500 to reach the level 4 and have access to weekly reward

Staking option opening on the 12 April.


I was happy to find a good community. People help each other, they are all increasing their strenth profil and level which at therm will move the price up in my point of view. they are very active on twitter. And Lunar Cruch itsel publish usefull information regarding the market and token all day long all social media

Check it out!

A kind advice, do not try to cheat the system or you will be kiked out as fast as you get in


You can use this link to assist me to increase my strenth and if you do not, no hard feeling but Check it out!

whish you luck in the coming bull run!

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