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Daimonds are Forever! 40% ROI Scam!

By Yotingo | Crypto Cat Chronicles | 14 Mar 2022

 Today I discovered one very interesting website. At first glance it almost looks like they worked on it! After all they used nice colors and everything! But after spending some time reading about what they offer, I felt the need to share it! I have seen a lot of pretenders and poorly made designs, but this one left me perplex. Is this a scam? I don't know. I'm not 100% sure of it but I won't try investing and I suggest you do the same! Let's have fun unwrapping it!

The website I want to talk about is I want to say that If I am wrong... All my apologies. If Not! Go f&[email protected]$.

First thing you can read when you visit the page is this:

"We Use The Principles Of Elite Performance To Grow New And Developing Investment Strategies To Create Maximum Profits For Our Clients."


And this:

"We provide value and vast guidance for clients in all kind of financial activities, delivering the returns that help our clients achieve their maximum goals"


First... What are the Principles of Elite Performance? Why would I give my money to you if are not an Elite! I hope you are a Pro and why do you talk about that. Maybe in fact I am the newbie, however something tells me straight up that these guys are not Elite at all. They are real amateur or can I call them gangsters providing "guidance for clients in all kind of financial activities" I don't know if I want to choose you. Like I said in another post I'm not a Pro Crypto Trader but even the most stupid person can use simple everyday logic! CMON! Maybe it's only the translation!

The best of the best is this one! I quote:

"Binaryassetss is a team of professional analysts and players in the crypto market, which has hundreds of instruments in its assets for profit in the financial markets, which crypto currencies are the major assets. Our major advantage over others is our ability to take maximum advantage of fluctuations in the crypto market which in turn yields maximum returns for our clients. A trial will definitely convince you"


Hundreds of instruments! WOW REALLY!!! Take my money!!! Make me a baby! Yeah sure but....... NO!

"Our major advantage over others is our ability to take maximum advantage" yeah right!

You've got one instrument, your keyboard, and you don't even know how to use it in a way that proper stuff comes out of it! No thank you. Keep your 100 instruments in your assets i don't dance on your music. And I did not know that Crypto where the Major asset of financial markets. These are Intense words used to catch the new little fish that's all! It's obvious that they think their major advantage over others is their ability to take maximum advantage of ignorant people. Shame on you all at Binaryassetss!

They also have this super DAIMOND plan with 40% ROI in 90 Days! Because DAIMONDS are Forever of course! And why Platinum is before Gold? I wonder where Diamond plan is?? Well...


Maybe it's all legit and all but my little pinky tells me "who cares!", it's fun writing and sharing anyway! Can Someone tell me more about it please! I would like to know if this is really a scam!

Leave a comment to tell me what you think about it.

Thank you for reading and don't forget my friend... Daimonds are forever....

Forever gone with your money!!


Thank you for reading ❤️
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Please note that I am not a Financial Adviser, and these are not professional advices. Always do your own research before investing or before buying anything online! DYOR!

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Crypto Cat Chronicles

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