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Security and privacy is one of the most common questions in the crypt. Obviously, cryptocurrency users require a higher level of security for their data than is common to others. That's why many of them have now decided to switch to a competitive application - Brave - after changing Google's Google rules.

Brave goal "refresh the web" by blocking ads by default and instead giving users the ability to opt in to ads they consider appropriate.
Likewise, they do not track them on the network and do not use their data to get "better" ads. According to the creators, they also
provide publishers and content creators with higher revenue shares than they currently do.

Payments for ads are made using the Basic Attention Token (BAT), the ERC-20 token released through the Brave ICO, during which the
company collected $ 36 million. Given that more publishers do not want to bother with the possession and transfer of cryptoms, Brave
has established a partnership with Uphold, which automatically transfers tokens to local fiat currency, according to ad publishers.

The browser is built on the open source project Chromium.

My opinions 
So what do you use brave. I use only Brave because is very good Browser any very fast.
I m waiting only when start paing with ads.
I am still whit Brave Browser satisfied.

When you can start use Brave register:
Download the Brave browser
You will be dropped 15 BAT tokens
The 30 BAT received can be used to tip someone (any friend or you can tip yourself)

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