Bitmain Lost Bitcoin in Mining Invalid Blocks Error
Bitmain Lost Bitcoin in Mining Invalid Blocks Error

By HowToVids | Crypto Blockchain News | 12 Jul 2019

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Every Company or business try his best to succeed and grow the business. They put all their resources in the right way, that is required for success. But not all the time these thing works. Sometimes they put their hard work and give their time, in the end, there is no result or the gain is zero or may be loss of money and time.

Bitmain a crypto mining company was mining Bitcoin and mining crypto with AntPool. But an error is shown in the system they have mined invalid block or block was rejected by the system. The company mined 12.5 Bitcoins that are considered as invalid. As a result of the loss approx $150,000. It may be a software or may be a hardware fault that causes this situation. But the company lost its money and time wasted.

According to Bitmax Research “Bitcoin had an invalid block at height 584,802, as spotted by @juscamarena All 8 nodes at  identified the block as invalid:

Bitcoin Core 0.18.0
Bitcoin Core 0.17.1
Bitcoin Core 0.16.2
Bitcoin Core 0.10.3
Bitcoin Knots 0.14.2


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Crypto Blockchain News
Crypto Blockchain News

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