Bitcoin Price Predictions for The Year 2020

By HowToVids | Crypto Blockchain News | 7 Dec 2019

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Ups and Down are part of currency trading. But eye on the prices and conditions helps to protect a trader from loss and time. A better strategy in trade is to keep an eye on the present and future. It's a better strategy to know about future up-comings. In the recent past, we see a drop in the crypto market may be a disappointment for most of the traders but it's recovering the losses and its predicted that it will go higher in the beginning of 2020.

According to Bloomberg “Increasing adoption of Bitcoin, the digital quasi-currency with limited supply, tilts our price outlook on the first-born crypto favorably for 2020 and the next decade. This year was part of its transition toward the crypto-market version of gold. The maturation process should continue, notably as volatility declines.

Like gold, Bitcoin is retracing a bear market, while most of its brethren (alt-coins) have increasing betas on the downside. For Bitcoin, we see $6,500 as good support and $10,000 as initial resistance in 2020.”

Creator of lookintobitcoin, Philip Swift said in tweet, Combining all that with Golden Ratio Multiplier to look forward, likely we will have a big move up in Jan/Feb taking price up to the region of the 350 x 1.6 (green line), which will be approx $12-13k by then.


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