Take the stage 3.0

Take the stage 3.0

By PressF | Crypto Billionaire | 10 Apr 2021

Hello my dear cryptomill, pardon -billionaires.

Let me introduce my humble self - PressF, you know the button which you push when you want to express respect? At your service throughout this war to a self sustainable no sweat future full of easy money. 

I am as close to financial freedom as Bill G is close to inserting a trackable chip into my forehead, therefore You are more than welcome to join me on the road through vast fields of disinformation to the one and only holy grail.

Each time I’ve thought about deep diving the crypto hole and catching the hype train, I’ve managed to buy the wrong ticket to a wrong space shuttle. Since I am not getting particularly younger, some harsh decisions had to be made and behold sense has come back to me. My knowledge of crypto is comparable to a newborn kitten's experience in catching mice, so if you have any good sweat to share that I should be aware of drop it down in the comments. 


My current stack of cryptos is as follows.

Publish0x, for dipping fellow billionaires:

  • Ethereum 0.00009756 ETH ($0.21)
  • Ampleforth 0.7038 AMPL ($0.71)
  • iFarm 0.0028546 IFARM ($0.65)


Brave Browser, for browsing juicy commercials:

  • Basic Attention Token 1.000 BAT ($1.43) 


Presearch, for browsing the vast amounts of disinformation:

  • PRE Token 30.64 PRE ($3.17)


And behold I have done my first EUR/BTC trade:

  • 07.04.2021 Buy €10.00 BTC 0.0002040
  • 09.04.2021 Sell  €10.25 BTC 0.0002040


0.25€ of easy no seat money achieved through my friends at Change Invest, I will write about them in the upcoming posts.

That’s it for the first one, stay hungry and foolish my fellow billionaires.

Crypto Billionaire
Crypto Billionaire

Crypto with a grain of salt, served with some humor and a solid state of reasonable sense.

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