By Coin_seed_dent | Crypto as an E-gold | 19 Mar 2020

Digital currency, the alternative to real cash,
decentralized crypto currency, that can be securely stashed.
No need for a bank, no central authority,
worldwide currency exchanges, this means no digital minorities.

Encrypted digital wallets on smart phones and computers,
you can by tickets, dinner, or investigate another dark net user.
The first Bitcoin purchase was a pizza pepperoni,
the acrimonial cicerone of matrimonial alimony.

In other words the price will be paid for separating from the central authorities,
the banks, the global financial powers and whoever else can afford to BE.
Has Bitcoin been tainted by Silk-road and money laundering schemes,
or will the power of cash and credit cards come under the same scrutiny?

Economist wants to stop the misuse of Bitcoin and maximize profits,
but there are powers and other interest who only want to stop it.
Paying your taxes with Bitcoin may one day be a reality,
the internet of things and the dark net, we are interconnected by technology.

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Crypto as an E-gold
Crypto as an E-gold

I describe Bitcoin as "a digital version of gold" eGold

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