OPPAI DREAMS: My First Minted Artwork on Rarible
Pixelated Nipples of Big Anime Breasts

OPPAI DREAMS: My First Minted Artwork on Rarible

By perrcy | Crypto Art | 9 Sep 2020

Why Venture On Crypto Art?

I've been an artist all my life & specifically a visual artist. Tried my luck with so many art communities but got no luck. Wishing that lady luck will be on my side this time by investing my skills into crypto art communities. However, this will be something I consider as a side-hustle. Since I'm not sure if this will become a successful venture, there will only be minted art only when my budget is able to pay for those expensive gas fees. I've seen multiple different art styles on Rarible & the longer I spend time on that community...they prefer more pop-art than other art style, plus they're animated. I'm gonna stick to the art-style that my skills excel & start from there. It's gonna be a long process learning how to animate or incorporate them into other mediums like VR or voxels for crypto games.

The Process I Use:

I used to do art digitally with a pen tablet but that hobby became very expensive. I had a Wacom Intuos 4 Pen Tablet before but gave it away. You can do so many things with a pen tablet but it became a nuisance to my work space that made me uncomfortable in some way. Decided to ditch digital art for traditional art gave me a piece of mind. Now my process mainly involves pencils & A4 sized papers for easy scans then clean the art piece digitally w/ photo editing softwares. It makes me peaceful that way. As for the digital aspect, I'll work everything digital with a mouse.

The Genre Of My Art:

EROTICA, or you can call it ecchi, hentai, or porn. It's gonna be really challenging because most crypto art consumers are into pop-art and erotica isn't dominant. What I can think of is to also upload my artpieces on adult art communities for exposure. They might also get interested in crypto art.

Anime Censored Breasts

What Is This Artpiece All About?

As what the title says, "OPPAI DREAMS". I'm fascinated & infatuated by female breasts. You can say that it is my favorite female body part. They all come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. We all have our preferences and it all comes into what you love. I wish to create more art in the future but it all depends on my success & budget. I'm trying my best to focus on the career that is best for me to provide financing for my lewd hobbies and fun activities.




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Crypto Art

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