Tor is risky to use for bitcoin storage and transction

By CryptoArgha | Crypto Argha | 12 Sep 2019

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Escrow based Peer to Peer Bitcoin Buy/sell marketplace Local bitcoin is famous for its multiple payment gateways to buy bitcoin


Bitcoin marketplace has warned the platform users not to use tor browser while entering Local bitcoins


Recently on a Blog post of Localbitcoin it has warned users of potential danger of using Tor browser for bitcoin 


According to the blog post Localbitcoin told their users not to use tor browser because halving risk of bitcoin getting stolen From the wallet


Tor is encryted network and to enter this secured encryted network a person needs to use a special browser called Tor.


Its a Gatway path to the darkest version of web also known as deep web. Bitcoin is quite Famous in the deep web for its Annoymuty and anonymous behavior


But its not safe to store on the web based platform wallets or neither safe to store or access a centralized wallet using Tor


According to Localbitcoin its really risky to use any bitcoin wallet on the Tor because hacker can easily track down the yours data by JavaScript and it might cause the user lose Bitcoin too


Localbitcoin is continusly warning its users not to use Tor browser




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