Top 3 books to learn about blockchain and investing in cryptocurrency

Top 3 books to learn about blockchain and investing in cryptocurrency

By CryptoArgha | Crypto Argha | 21 Aug 2019

People's interest has raisen alot for cryptocurrency in recent years. People are investing in different cryptocurrency and blockchain based firm now.

Blockchain Industry is not different from Any other Industry. To succeed in blockchain industry by investing you first need to understand how this space actually works . For that you need do proper research And need to get educated about this technology

I have listed 3 books I think you should read to learn more about blockchain technology and blockchain based investing


Crypto assets: A innovative investors guide for bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Written by Jack tatar and Chris Burniske

This book is a Excellent guide for any beginner to learn how to invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. It gives a bold overview on investing and learning in details about cryptocurrency. It is highly recommend if you are beginner in this field and want to learn about blockchain. This book teaches how to spot quality cryptocurrency, avoid hype and detect fraud projects and compose balance your portfolio. Cryptoasset is a must read book for a beginner or a investor new to this field.

Mastering bitcoin: unlocking cryptocurrency

Written by Andreas M Antonopolus

In order to understand the beginning and future of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency you need to read this book . The author Andreas has explained everything point to point why cryptocurrency, how it works , future of cryptocurrency and the near future of digital gold and fundamental of blockchain. Mastering bitcoin has explained how bitcoin works along with blockchain , how blockchain are builded etc. This book main concentration was building and elements of a blockchain. The perfect guide to learn how programmers build a blockchain sutiable with a cryptocurrency . To learn about the technology and blockchain and programmers guide this book is a must read for a beginner

The Age of Cryptocurrency: How bitcoin and digital currency works.

Written by Paul vigana and micheal casey

This book drives straight down to the Ideology and techinal stuff related to bitcoin and blockchain. Authors have demystify the orgins and functions of cryptocurrency along with the techinal guide to building a blockchain. It gives a proper idea on how blockchain based investing is different and safer than traditional investing method. Although its not a perfect book for learning about bitcoin investment but its a great book to learn about blockchain

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