Top 2 cryptocurrency for 2019

By CryptoArgha | Crypto Argha | 19 Aug 2019

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Cryptocurrency markets are unpredictable either stable so it's always hard to predict price of any cryptocurrency like that but with signal analysis or project growth its possible

Top 2 Cryptocurrency project that can give good profit in 2019


Nash (Nex)

Nash is a Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange build with Ox protocol using Neo ecosystem . Nash platform uses cryptographic trading simulator and decentralized trading option using crosschain payment system . Nash uses a off chain leverage trading engine to make trading more faster and with help of neo ecosystem the platform works smooth and stays secure


Why Nash (nex)

Nash is top level decentralized exchange with all centralized trading simulator on it. Nash is currently most anticipated cryptocurrency exchange in the crypto field. The team tweeted that the exchange platform will launch on This month August 23 . On the launch date users will be able to Do trading using fiat currency Euro and usd as well as fund management tool and eth/neo trading pair. Nash exchange will allow users to stake their nash(nex) tokens on the launch date and traders will be able to trade and stake them .this feature will surely pump the price if nex (nash) token alot so it's worth to buy nash(nex) token for good profit for the whole year.


Enigma ( Eng)

Enigma is a smart contract based cryptocurrency focused on providing high level security with privacy and scalability. Enigmas secret nodea allow it to work without putting a input and make enigma network computting data without any hasel.


Why Enigma ( Eng)

The team recently announced on their medium and telegram they will conduct a snapshot of enigma to provide more power and support to their umcoming Genesis game and secret nodes promotion. The snapshot will begin on August 24 and End on September 26 with daily basis holding reward to users but they need to hold their assets to receive the snapshot on their personal wallet. That makea Enigma my second cryptocurrency to hold for 2019 and the upcoming events will surely give you profit whole year

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