Tech giant Samsung adds bitcoin on it's blockchain keystore wallet

By CryptoArgha | Crypto Argha | 14 Aug 2019

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Samsung adding cryptocurrency ethereum on there blockchain based in - phone wallet was the main reason of a small bull run few months ago

The tech company added a built in wallet on their samaung phone Model S -10 Early this Year and their first crypto to be a part of that wallet was Ethereum.

Samsung's blockchain wallet (blockchain keystore) Supports Ethereum and Ethereum based all Erc -20 Tokens

The south korean tech giant now adding bitcoin on their wallet using a special feature called blockchain developer kit. With this feature Bitcoin can be stored and can be send to any bitcoin address

The Sdk System allows user to grain access to a particular cloud blockchain hub where all crypto assets are stored and with a working algorithm it allows you to connect with the bitcoin blockchain directly

This feature is only Available on Samsung s10 series and Note 10 series . Samsung also added 17 ethereum dapp on their blockchain keystore wallet

But its not available for everyone. Due to restriction and regulation only limited country's can get acess to this wallet.

Following countries are south Korea, canada, spain, germany, united states, united Kingdom and Switzerland

Samsung aims to add more cryptocurrency and dapps on their keystore wallet near in the future

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