Stable coin might get regulated under pressure

Stable coin might get regulated under pressure

By CryptoArgha | Crypto Argha | 6 Oct 2019

Cryptocurrency became a essantial part of daily life now  

In most cases we use crypto as payment like shopping online, paying for goods, paying rent and electricity bill or paying tax  

Among them Stable coins are quite famous for this  type of works because the price stays stable  

But still law makers want to make it regulated because its not fully controlable yet or neither fully centralized  

Crypto projects like libra that has a bad record by company is a threat to financial activities  

Stable coin like tether , paxos , dai or gemini are almost the same. 

This made regulators think again on currency with digital behaviours.    Few european countries along with european union is thinking on regulating stable currencies  

The chief of financial advatory says to the press we are not sure how much safe digital asset or digital Currency are right now   Currency with fiat activites might replace fiat paper money but still not strong enough to take part in state economy  

Maybe in future for state use will make laws and also regulate digital stable currencies for daily use  


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