My Story: Switching to brave from chrome

By CryptoArgha | Crypto Argha | 12 Aug 2019

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Brave is a Ad blocker reward Sharing Browser and Chrome is tracking based ad browser. Now, i am a regular user of brave and brave is my default browser i dont have chrome or any other browser installed on my device now. The change didnt change in a night a lot of features inspired me to switch. Learn my story why i switch to brave browser

All started in 2017 in the month of december or October i was new in crypto and was earning crypto from faucets i had to see a lot of ads on those site just for litle bitcoin on chrome .I hated when popup ads poped up while i was reading a article on my favourite site on chrome then i heard about brave on youtube and thought of using it one day. I used it for couple of days and fell in love with it. It was so smooth, no ads, no lack, fast and had a JavaScript blocking option while chrome doesn't have one or doesnt want to have one

There are some Key features i want to include that made to switch and fall in love with brave browser

When i use brave with a 2g and open a website it opens in 2.4seconds, while on chrome it take 4.2 to 5.8 seconds. Brave was fast and i needed a fast browser without any extra extension

Although brave has a ad blocker option but sometimes it looks great with ads specially on blog. they filter the ads and shows only user friendly ads no Adult or lacky as but in chrome it was impossible to filter ads and dont allow that either

In this picture see the difference between brave and chrome . I visited a crypto price checking site coinmarketcap today just to compare how it look in both browser



Both sites were loaded full but brave was showing only one ads and google three why so?

Brave has secured by privacy that is the reason i dont see location based ad on brave but chrome is using the cache of my browser to locate my ip and show regional ads

I have pluged a ad blocker on chrome still it wont work bcz chrome doesnt let cookies, JavaScript disable but in brave its intergated from the beginning. It can even block trackers and crawalers of google on brave browser but not on chrome.

There was a high risk of my passwords, ip, id, docs or txt files stored on online storage getting leacked by JavaScript and google cookies. Just for their own profit google is toying was my privacy which is a criminal act but in brave i can do what ever i want with my data i search on google or other search engines i can block cookies, JavaScript and even trackers on brave which are the prime tools of google to track me down

My privacy is my only Priority with my user experience which brave fullfills and delievers well that's the reason i am now a full time brave user not a chrome,opera or puffin. When unwanted stuffs doesnt appear on brave not even a stacky ad which is really really impressive

This was the reason i switchrd. You should Switchtobrave if you love your privacy and want to get a clean browsing experience.



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