Most profitable cryptocurrency to stake in 2020

Most profitable cryptocurrency to stake in 2020

By CryptoArgha | Crypto Argha | 16 Feb 2020

POS ( Proof of stake) is quite common and interesting topic to talk on when it comes about passive earning

In my last article i wrote about POS (proof of stake) and wallets that allows you to stake crypto currency. I will link up the article here

link :

In this article we will discuss about best crypto currency that can give good return over time for staking them

What is Staking?

Staking is a process where you hold your crypto currency under a network for a time period

This way you help the network and help the block chain to sign transaction fast.

In return you some crypto currency that you have staked in return

Lets talk about Top 5 crypto currency for 2020 that can give good returns for staking


Best crypto for staking in 2020

There are a lot of crypto currency out there. I have selected the coin by their concept and return amount over time.


Pundix (NPXS)

Pundix was always in the news for its concept and development they are trying to bring in modern life

Pundix is bringing payment solutions for merchants and retailers. connecting all the shops and e commerce sites under one network

Pundix is a Ethereum based ERC -20 token which can be staked on it wallet app (Xwallet) and also on Atomic wallet

investors and holders of pundix can earn upto 19% every year for staking pundix on the network

Pundix staking rewards calculator :


IOST token ( IOST)

IOST is a block chain project with the highest number if transaction every second

Its basically a gaming project and really famous amont gamers

IOST started as a Ethereum ERC -20 token that's why its also known as IOST token but currently its operating on its own block chain

The stake process is also known as Proof of Believability. A new and unique Mechanism.

To stake IOST the investors and hold has to lock the tokens for a certain period of time and have to vote for bode operators of IOST block chain

In return the supporters get rewarded in IOST token for their contributions.

IOST stakers can earn upto 15% every year for stakint IOS on its block chain network. It can be staked on Atomic wallet and trust wallet

IOST Staking calculator:


Waves coin ( Waves)

Waves is a decentralized platform like ethereum and also a good coin for staking.

Its mostly famous for collectiable goods such as digital arts, digital toys, digital house etc

Waves coin follows the Delegated Proof of stake ( DPOS) .

This is a process were the stakers vote for network contributors of waves platform and gets rewarded in waves for their contributions.

Stakers can earn 3.3% each year for staking waves and 13% for staking waves based stable coin USDN

Waves coin can be stake on atomic wallet and waves exchange.

Waves staking calculator:


Cosmos coin (cosmos)

Cosmos is a high potential blockchain project and a great coin more investment and staking

Cosmos allows block chain projects to interact with each other thru the cosmos block chain

Cosmos block chain works as a bridge between block chains.

Cosmos can be staked with Proof of stake ( POS) module and stakers can earn 8% -13% yearly for staking cosmos

Cosmos can be staked on trust wallet and atomic wallet

Cosmos staking calculator:


Qtum coin ( Qtum)

Qtuam is a blockchain project that allows codes to be embladed into smart contract with Qtum block chain.

Qtum is a blockchain decentralized ecosystem that allows developers to build dapps and decentralized stuff under its blockchain.

Stakers can stake using proof of stake ( POS) mechanism and can earn 6% each year

Qtum can be staked using Qtum wallet and dekstop qtum core wallet

Qtum staking rewards calculator:


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