Learning and Building Blockchain is hard - here's why!

Learning and Building Blockchain is hard - here's why!

By CryptoArgha | Crypto Argha | 27 Aug 2019

Blockchain is a modern technology created in 2009 by a man named Satoshi nakamoto

The hype and chase around this technology is raising day by day and people are trying to learn explore the potential of this technology.

Blockchain has a great future ahead and it can grow bigger than its children cryptocurrency bitcoin

So what can blockchain do anyway? Many of you ask may ask about blockchain if your new in this field and why people want to learn it anyway?

Here are some key points that blockchain can solve and already solving.

1) Make Public data more secure
2) Make Financial Activity more secure
3) Build a Decentralized Economy
4) Can save Dieing Babies
5) Can track Products for Shipping Company
6) Can track Money and Remittance Scripts 7) Can make almost everything safer to use

Learn what is blockchain technology in the next paragraph


What is Blockchain

Blockchain or Blockchain technology is a new innovation in the field of technology. Blockchain is a Network of blocks and linked chains build with micro millions or billions of blocks. Blocks are the worker and the storage planet of a blockchain.

The blocks usally works as storage and the workers of any chain thats why its called Block - Chain.

Blockchain cant be controlled by anyone . Its a Free network of people and chains. People or company owner of the chain can maintain the network but can't own the data stored in the chains directly.

This process is called Decentralization a free of people not controlled by any centralized people company or individual.


Why learning blockchain is hard

Blockchain or a chain of block means a lot of chains working or multiple blocks are working on a network . The total network is build with millions of blocks and Thousands of chains. As it can't be controlled by one person or a individual's few things make it more complex to learn

1) Understanding the blocks Reduce and increase limit

2) Block data management system

3) Chains system of working

4) Blocks Difference with multiple micro chains

5) Chains that make blocks combination and weight (0xxx)

6) Data storage and Locking

7) Workers to power the chains


Why blockchain is Hard.

Blockchain isn't a piece of cake. Many factors work with it and helps to build one. There are few things that make a blockchain difficult to build and also make it hard to learn


Cost of a blockchain

Blockchain means a planet of blocks or a chains of block. A Blockchain can be build with millions of blockchain either billions of blocks. Having more blocks means alot of chains working on it not just chains alot of data can be stored too. More chains mean more data and More data means much bigger ecosystem.

Building a Blockchain isnt easy . To build one the dev must have proper knowledge on networking, data Management, Link building, Programming, Laberal, Q, ql suite of chain, Systematic reduction, Break lines, Data science and Al faction. This are just primary requirements to build food chain blockchain . To build a chain for a company or data management the dev might need knowledge on Java, C++ and also quantum computing.

As you know blockchain works on its own. After building one the al of a chain makes and orders the chains to deliver the blocks from one chain to another.Meanwhile the chains work the blocks consume power generated by the system of chains also known as the hub.
During this full system the data gets encrypted and decode multiple time in the reduction chains and the als store them on blocks.

That's why blockchain is called a Decentralized Network.

The total process is quite complex and adding all the elements for a blockchain is quite expensive too.

One person can't have all the knowledge of programs or either can be pro in all sector thats why the company willing to build a chain has to multiple devs and thats quite expensive.

An average blockchain dev hourly salary is about $120 a hour that is around $2800 and $84000 a month


Maintaining a blockchain

To store data in a Sql Data base for a website is quite and simple. It just needs be written once or on the beginning of building the database. This method of data usally stores on servers and can be controlled by any centralized system or by person, people , company or Individual but in case of blockchain things are alot different as its not a centralized ways of storing data.

To store data on a chain of blocks or blockchain it needs to be written multiple times. As i wrote before the whole process of blockchain works in the ecosystem and transfer data one block to another. During this process the data encryts and de - codes thousands of time.

That's why maintaining a blockchain isnt cheap. That's why decentralized blockchain arent that popular among people as maintaining isnt easy neither cheap


Development of blockchain is slower

Creating a blockchain means alot of hard work and alot of line of code. Code may look lesser in numbers but the actions are bigger and stronger inside. A small bug can deatroy the full process and the coders has to start writing again from the beginning. Codeing a whole ecosystem is hard work as many type of injection of code are needed to line up the blockchain virtual al Database.

There is no break line or move fast code in blockchain. All codes needs to be plain in line and if coders user any line break like they do while building a app the chains wont redirect with each other. As a result the whole blockchain wont work

Thats why building blockchain is a lot of hardwork also matter of time.


Structures are Difficult to design

Blockchain maybe coded in plain line of code but designing or building info structures aren't easy. As blockchain codes doesn't work with line break and that make blockchain coding more hard

Adding structures so that it work properly on chains and it doesn't mix all the data of all chains or dont currupt the whole system isnt easy. like other databases blockchain doesnt go along with info structures. The main reaso of plain codes.

To be able to use the structures on the codes without using breaking line the codes need to be properly compress in code formats and has to link each other

But compressing codes without a line break means alot of hardwork along with months of time. The full process has to go through manual work and hard labour. Bots or Compressing tools wont work properly for this type of codes thats why structures are difficult to design

Why people are choosing Centralized Blockchain

Blockchain may be a Decentralized network but it can be build with common codes and Servers leaving the servers on the ecosystem of chains. Building a centralized blockchain is easier as it doesn't use the encrypted protocol used by decentralized network. A centralized system use coded database same as website do. The centralized blockchain only has the chains and Managing system but the core of ecosystem based blockchain is absent. In this method of blockchain line break and Algorithms are the key tool and can be access by any centralized person. If any problem occurs it can be fixed easily and it doesn't require manually fixing or multiple shifting of data.

This makes centralized blockchain favourite to people and this the reason blockchain is hard

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