Impluse k1 - The new Blockchain based phone in market
Impluse k1 - The new Blockchain based phone in market

By CryptoArgha | Crypto Argha | 18 Aug 2019

Blockchain based phones were always been a blaze among people. After the release of first blockchain based phone by sirin labs people's interest for blockchain phones increased a lot

If you use cryptocurrency you must know what is blockchain and how does it work with cryptocurrency . The blockchain based phone are alot different from normal phones. They provide more security than normal phone and built to keep cryptocurrency assets safe.

Block chain based phones are new innovation in this field. Which are far difficult to understand by normal people.

Recently a new blockchain based phone released name impluse k1 by karatbar international a stugutt based phone and one of the successful blockchain based phone company.

Karatbar has created a lot of Foundation project for blockchain based technology, Digital asset management and wallet.

The Impluse K1 phone is worlds first Voice over blockchain based phonephone. It aims to slove the problems of users security and Privacy. Crypto Data has been used as VOBP ( Voice Over Blockchain protocol) to designate a new communication system. VOBP allows user to communicate in a encryted way. All the information are sent p2p and enchipered end to end so all the data stays safe and encrypted. No third party can access the data.

Built in decentralized system helps user to trade any cryptocurrency with any dapp or exchange listed with them

Impluse k1 aims to slove all the privacy problems of users and give a extra layer of security to users while trading their funds with device or sharing data from the device .

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