Hong kong bitcoin holders are Paying higher price to buy bitcoin

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The political Crackdown on Hongkong blowed it's Economy as well gave a Thunder Shock to Bitcoin and other crypto holders

Due to the Political unrest Bitcoin Price dropped against hongkong dollar alot Currently it's trading $300 per Coin and putting buy orders nearly at $300 to $541 mark and sell orders at $917 to $3655 in hongkong dollars

According to Crypto peer to peer exchange local bitcoins bitcoin price droped massively due to political issues in hongkong and trading at the price of $300 buyers has to pay higher price than any other country to buy bitcoin

One order was created to buy bitcoin at $1000 per coin sold at lesser than 1 second .Seller are trying to sell the coin at $3000 point but buy order are not raising against the Selling point

The influence of political issue and economic struggle due to unrest situation it became hard to get a good price to sell and buy bitcoins .The political issue massively effected price of bitcoin

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