Europen Union Devotes on Stable Currency

Europen Union Devotes on Stable Currency

By CryptoArgha | Crypto Argha | 30 Aug 2019

Fiat Version of cryptocurrency also known as fiat currency are vulnerable to regulation

There are few stable coins out there like Usdc , Gusd, Usdt, Tusd and Dai.

According to article from finance times Europen Union released a new paper on Stable coins.

The Eu Devotes against Stable coins and say that stable coins could be harmful for regulated finance.

According to the paper among 54 Staple coin projects only 24 are currently operational . The total amount transcted in stable coins increased 300% in 2019 .

The report paper also shows stable coin transction raised from $1.7 billion to $4.3 billion in 2019 from 2018

Stables are stable and work as digital fisa but they are not regulated. Like all other cryptocurrency fiat currency are decentralized and transction cant be tracked by peoples name or country that make it risky for bank and other finance operators to use

Without any proper regulation and laws in not safe for European countries to do funds with the token based fiat currency. Eu devotes on Fiat stable currency and describe it as a finical fiat threat

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