Earn Tron and Seamseed by Staking on Houbi

By CryptoArgha | Crypto Argha | 12 Aug 2019

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Tron is a Decentralized Crypto currency based platform project that aims to build a decentralized network platform that will allow users and developers to build exchange or dapps on their platform.

Many people like tron i personally like tron too .Tron is a minable cryptocurrency and can be earned by mining it, but mining it isnt cheap like bitcoin and other cryptocurrency

Tron can be earned by holding them or voting a resprenstative thru their official wallet tronscan. For that the tron holder has to deposit or send their assets to tron platform wallet Tronscan

For Example if you hold 10,000 tron freeze them and take powers in exchange of freezing and vote a resprenstative you will receive 10 to 50 tron back as a reward. That makes your total balace 100050 tron and  50 tron coin as profit

Honestly, 50 tron  is nothing compared to the real time value

But there is a alternative and more profitable way to earn tron  than voting thru tronscan and that is Staking tron on houbi wallet and voting for seamseed as your representative

How to Earn Tron and Seamseed on Houbi Wallet?


Houbi is a Major crypto currency exchange operating world wide and houbi wallet is there recently launched multi currency dapp wallet.

Main Point for this article


  • How to Create houbi wallet
  • How to buy tron
  • How to deposit tron on wallet
  • How to add tron on wallet
  • How to freeze tron
  • How to vote seamseed
  • How to add seed tokens
  • Profits and other



Wallet Creation : Tutorial


First download the Houbi wallet from Google play store or Apple app store. Then open the app and create account. Houbi wallet works on passphrase key system you dont have to use your email. Keep your recovery key and passphrase key safe and written if you lose them you wont be able to recover your account

Now open a tron wallet on houbi usally it's added on the dashboard after creating the account if you dont find tron then click on the + option and then select tron from there


How to buy Tron and Deposit?


There are alot of ways to buy Tron  most popular way is to buy from a crypto exchange. Tron is lisited in multiple cryptocurrency exchange like binance, houbi, kucoin,bittrex. After buying send your tron from your exchange wallet to houbi tron wallet.

After receiving them, click on the vote option right in the corner. Now, click the lock option and select your desired amount you want to lock . Scroll down you will find a option to side the total amount you want to vote use your maximum balance to vote in order to earn more seamseed. Now click on the vote option and your vote will confirmed. You will be able to unlock your tron after three day and withdraw them but to get the maximum reward you need to keep your trons locked for a month with the votes. After a month you will receive a amount on seamseed which you can sell and convert back to tron again. Seed tokend will be added daily


How to add seamseed and Sell them



The process of adding seamseed is same as adding tron you just need to click on the (+) button again and go to trx tokens. There you will find the seamseed as seed. Click and active them. After a month your seaseed will be added. It added daily if your tron are locked


There are two ways to sell your seamseed one is exchange and another is to sell to the owners.seamseed is trading on trons decentralized exchange trontrade you can sell them there or visit seamseed and join their telegram group the admin will send you detail s on how to sell seed (seamseed)



Seamseed price and profit amount


The rewards are given in seed token seamseed native token which can be selled easily. Currently 1 seed token price is about 1.33 tron.

If you freeze and vote 10k tron then you will receive daily 0.87 seed tokens that makes 27 seed token in a month. Tron value 35 trx and for freezing them on houbi you will get another 345 tron from houbi Total becomes about (345+35) =380 tron worth around $7.88 a month.


By this way you can earn both tron and seamseed by staking or freezing them on houbi wallet


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