Earn basic attention tokens (bat) from your country by watching ads

By CryptoArgha | Crypto Argha | 12 Aug 2019

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Earn Bat Tokens by watching Ads without being a American or Canadian

Basic Attention token or Bat token is Decentralized crypto currency Advertising token build on Ethereum blockchain and Brave Browser is a Ad blocking Reward Sharing Browser

There are couple of ways to Earn bat tokens. One is Referring and Another one is Brave Ads . Brave's ad blocker doesnt allow google to show their ads instead bat shows user friendly ads to it's users

This Article will cover up

  • How to earn bat
  • How to watch ads
  • How to earn and get paid in bat
  • How to watch ads without being a american
  • How to watch ads from your country
  • How to earn from ads from asia and europe

Ok, before proceeding you need to have brave browser on your Pc, Tab or Your Phone. If you don't have brave then download it from the following link and Start earning $20 dollar Per month

Link :Download brave and Earn Money

As you know brave ads arent available for all country's only limited countries can watch bat paid ads. To make it available for you now, you have to apply a secret trick for that you will be needing few app with you

For one will be vpn
second will be cloner app
As cloner use paralell space

If you use ordinary or free vpn apps the ads might show but balance will not ad or if it ads then will disapear within a hour or within 24 hour

If you can afford paid vpn use vpnhub, namecheap vpn, cyberghost

For free trial or best free vpn use phispon, tor vpn

Ok, after selecting your vpn now download parallel space. You wont find it on playstore or app store bcz its ban download it from google. Now open the parallel space and make clone of brave browser seperate the clone brave from the real one. Active your vpn with usa Location (any state) and then open your clone brave. use it as you use your regular brave within few minutes a ad will show on the top click it and watch it a balance will be added.


If ads are not showing then check brave rewards option from brave browser and enable ads and click 3 ads per hour do not click (7 ads a hour)




When your using your real brave browser turn off the vpn, dont use it on the real browser use it only on the clone version.The balance will be added on publishers at 5 of each month

This way you can earn $6.32 dollar in bat tokens per month . If you like this trick dont forget to tip this article and visit my blog for more crypto updates

My blog:   Crypto Alt Droper

You can sent tips to my blog if you want to i am registered on brave publishers

Thank you for reading and Happy Earnings



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