Coinbase  adds 16 new assets along with telegram coin

Coinbase adds 16 new assets along with telegram coin

By CryptoArgha | Crypto Argha | 4 weeks ago

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Coinbase adding support for telegram and 16 more crypto

United states based crypto currency fiat to crypto exchange recently showed their interest to support 16 more cryptocurrency projects along with the project from telegram

On September 19 coinbase announced this news thru a press release they will be adding 16 new crypto project on the platform wallet and also revealed the names of tbe project

The crypto projects arecelo, chia, spacemash, ton, filecoin, dfinity, namely, alanche, kadena, handshake, oasis, coda, near, mobilecoin, nervos, orchid and palkadot

The exchange will also add telegrams most talked crypto project ton coin on the wallet platform and in future wilk support trading of it to on the coinbase pro.

The telegram token gram will be added on the coinbase first and then on the coinbase pro


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