Brave publishers see a 1200% Raise in 2019

By CryptoArgha | Crypto Argha | 13 Aug 2019

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Brave is a Ad - blocking Reward sharing Decentralized browser and Brave publishers Program is a way where content creator, website, blogger, twitch gamer, twitter, reddit groups can add their channels and get supported by their followers thru Brave bat tipping System

According to bat growth website the number of bat tipping and brave publishers has raised upto 1200% over a year.

Now, there are about 29,720 websites listed on brave publishers, 2916 reddit accounts, 166,698 Youtuber channels and 17,910 twitter channel in total

In the year 2018 the total amount of Brave publishers were half of todays publishers amount

Now in 2019 the total number or brave publishers has reached 230,000 which is way higher than 2018

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