Blockchain Startup Dappraiser $2.3 million in Funds

By CryptoArgha | Crypto Argha | 7 Sep 2019

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Blockchain based fin tech Startup company Dappraiser raised about $2.33 million Dollar worth in Funds thru fundraising

South Asia Fin tech Internet and media company dappraiser participated in a blockchain ventures company to raise funds for the development of the project

The blockchain based startup connect blockchain dapps built on 7 famous blockchain on their platform

They connect Top dapps from Tron, Eos ,Ethereum on its platform and allows users to use all their favorite thru the platform and enjoy them

The startup raised the funds from blockchain based bitcoin wallet company blockchain and blockchain data management palkadot

The startup aims to make dapps eaiser and acceptable for everyone by building a secure dapp management platform


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