Blockchain more than cryptocurrency - Real life use of blockchain
Blockchain more than cryptocurrency - Real life use of blockchain

By CryptoArgha | Crypto Argha | 17 Aug 2019

Blockchain is distributed Network that allows users to Store Data in form of block instead of chains.

Many people thinks Blockchain means cryptocurrency and their thoughts about blockchain starts and ends with cryptocurrency. They doesn't understand that blockchain and cryptocurrency isn't the same thing. Both are different but one. Blockchain was designed to handle data of bitcoin but it's main motive is to handle and store data in chains of block

Blockchain is a network and cryptocurrency is a form of online money. Cryptocurrency is a sample product of blockchain.


Blockchain is more than Just cryptocurrency

Blockchain doesn't ends with cryptocurrency alone its network was build to work worldwide as a unit. Blockchain technology offers security and also storage that is way safe than any other data storage platform. It can be used as security, identity verification, products tracking and a way for customers and cusomers to deal with each other in private keeping their privacy on the top of noch.

Countries like estonia and Switzerland use blockchain as a security module for their official works. Blockchains top security with advance technology. They deal private on local and international stage with block chain. The technology is used to track identity and keeping them safe from attack also using on elections, citizenship and taxes.

In heath care and medical blockchain technology is being used to store data of patients and doctos. In Traditional way its hard to keep old data intact even in the modern computer era but with blockchain technology its possible and its being used to store data in some countries.


Blockchain in finical sector

Beside Cryptocurrency blockchain is being used in traditional financial sector too .Fiat transction based companies knows that future potential of blockchain thats why company like Mastercard and Visa are using blockchain. They are using blockchain to keep users data storage safe and also to identify fake identity on the platform to stop fraud transction.


Blockchain in business at Global Stage

When its comes to transfer products and iteam to another countries then theres no big name like Dhl and Fedx. They are also using blockchain in real time to track down a products exact position.

The blockchain technology can be also used to track and keep products identity safe. Currently its hard to manage alot of data at once by any one thats why blockchain is so vital tool to this companies. Logging in, data tracking and getting information of the product is quite difficult but with blockchain it's easy as blockchain works with blocks not with files or connection.

Thats why blockchain is being used. The distributed ledgar network means no single or company has to control the chain. The nature of blockchain makes it easy for everyone to control and look up after the data that are currently on tracking. It can be updated by the owners or by any private company or government officials.


Blockchain is Digital marketing and Content creation

Many company feels that they need to expand their network even more and deeper thats why they are getting into blockchain even more. The information they get from publishers and advertisers are often Patterned and become difficult to extract them but blockchain helps them to code  up in smart urls

Microsofts media giant is using this blockchain tool smart urls to keep track of the ads and the publishers data at the same time. To avoid fruad and auto click this tool works like a Angel for them. This is also being used to keep the content creators data safe if they mistakely delete their account or someone hacks their id.They still will be able to restore their data,video and content from blockchain that was already stored in the network using this smart tool

So it makes alot if sense that blockchain doesn't mean only crypto its more than crypto now and all the points prove it

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