Blockchain For Food Chain and Supply
Blockchain For Food Chain and Supply

By CryptoArgha | Crypto Argha | 17 Oct 2019

Blockchain technology is becoming a popular tech in modern world now

  In most cases we can see its apperance and using this technology for food chain supply is one of them  

Blockchain is actually giving postive result in the food chain tracking and fraud detecting    Blockchain is solving citical problems like ownership, food fraud , food tracability and safety recalls with current system   

Today i will try to explain two main factors why usage of blockchain technology in this field becoming so popular

       Food Tracability  

Blockchain build application also known as Dapp is a key player for food tracability.

In most cases its being used to track down a position  of a food chain or its origin supply

  Due to food storage and preserving nature many company make mistake while keeping the food safe as well as healthly  

Humans make mistakes and it happens while preserving goods but you cant take risk when it comes to health   

So here blockchain comes into play. Blockchain stores the real time data of each and every thing of food on its ecosystem    Keeping the good and bad quality products separate and helps to check all data instantly   

When it comes to track down a food  from its roots chain supply blockchain works like a pro  

The framework build community helps to contact with each other within  food ecosystem   

Making all the tasks fast and keeping a track of recent shared data on the blockchain    Blockchains stracture makes sure that each player play wise by keeping  the value of food visible to all and lets to check it from the food chain  

This saves alot of time and make things even fast and smooth then before    


Balancing the market and value  

Blockchain doesnt only keep track of the food in chain but also gives value to the product too  

The use case OF blockchain is wide and doesnt stop at one point only using the ledgar in the network it  

allows to check ongoing price and gives a value by opening up with a calculated price  

The old method of determining value of each food product is on the buyer and the seller   This give the whole value of each stuff on two parties hands but with blockchain its becomes equal and clear for all  

Blockchain makes data acessable for all. Blockchain provide real value  on the market by showing data of total supply in the chain of each product and demand of each product in the market  

This helps to put a reasonable and fare price for all. Blockchain  also calculates the value of each product within the ledgar  

So nobody can cheat and everything gets its own real value according to demand and supply    

Conclusion - Blockchains food chain future  

Blockchain is still a new technology for alot OF prople and many people relate it to crypto and keeps showing hate   But it has huge potential for each and every part of life including food itself

Involving this technology to food supply chain is giving alot of boost to work  

Making things faster, clear and honest lowing the cost of storage and increasing safely  

Maybe people are avoiding it now but blockchain is the future and we will lay on its hands in the future    


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