Binance bitcoin futures about to rival bitmex

By CryptoArgha | Crypto Argha | 9 Sep 2019

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Binance is currently world's largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms if daily volume generated from the platform

Recently Binance CEO announced that binance will launch a Bitcoin futures Exchange and option on Binance platform

This will help trader's to trade Bitcoin and other Major cryptocurrency for long and short terms using binance just by switching Modes

The Exchange mode is currently being developed my binance labs itself and will be available for trading after beta test

Last month binance opened public beta testing of the bitcoin futures platform for binance users

Users find it unusable in the beta and sends negative feedback to binance labs.This made binance work more on their futures project before launching it in public

Exparts saying if binance fullfilll their saying words with the Bitcoin Futures it will give other top bitcoin futures exchange bitmex a tuff competition and also will help adoption of cryptocurrency faster


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