Alibaba patents for blockchain Domain name search

Alibaba patents for blockchain Domain name search

By CryptoArgha | Crypto Argha | 16 Aug 2019

Chinese E - commerce giant alibaba recently applied for a blockchain based data management patent in the Usa

Alibaba files it's patent for blockchain based domain search and data management service in auguest 15

Alibaba aims to build a unified blockchain domain name to keep the data encryted in a secure space of blockchain . This system is also known as UBCDN

Alibaba will use this system generate new ubcdn codes for the domain in order to encryt all the data stored in the domain and will store the data in blockchain

This system is intend to be use for generating new codes on the blockchain by ubcdn method and keep data seperate storage domain name separately.

It will identify humans bots separately and will detect them to insecure high top noch security with better user experience

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