$240 million Dollar Bitcoin Moved Recently
$240 million Dollar Bitcoin Moved Recently

By CryptoArgha | Crypto Argha | 19 Aug 2019

Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency according to volume and trading

Recently over $240 million dollar worth bitcoin was moved in 4 bitcoin transction.

Whale alert a Crypto Twiiter and Telegram bot recently showed that about 22,343 btc was moved in 4 transction worth over $240 million in Aug 17

Specialist are suspecting those bitcoin transction are related to biggest scam of this year name plus big a chinese crypto backed investment platform

There was total 4 bitcoin transction that day, moved 6,000 btc, 5,000 btc, 7000 btc, 4923 btc .

An analysis predicts the recent bitcoin dump was conducted because of this bitcoin transction

Recently a chinese bitcoin investment platform plustoken scammed stealing over $3 billion in crypto asset

To make people's investment safer lawmakers are getting altogether to protect normal people's funds and their founding platform

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