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Blockstack $10 bitcoin Weekly Airdrop

2 weeks ago 1 minute read CryptoArgha $0.04 tipped

Everyone loves free money and crypto airdrops are the best way to get some extra funds. Few months ago Encrypted messaging app keybase partnered with Stellar Development foundation to give away free Stellar to keybase users as a airdrop The total Amo...

Roobee - blockchain based investment platform

22 Oct 2019 3 minute read CryptoArgha $0.10 tipped

Roobee is a blockchain based investment platform . It brings new innovative ideas to invest safely and has huge potential to change the way prople invest their money   The roobee platform itself is well funded and backed by law which has attracted i...

Blockchain For Food Chain and Supply

17 Oct 2019 2 minute read CryptoArgha $0.05 tipped

Blockchain technology is becoming a popular tech in modern world now   In most cases we can see its apperance and using this technology for food chain supply is one of them   Blockchain is actually giving postive result in the food chain tracking and...

Decentralized Finance - Emerging financial system

10 Oct 2019 4 minute read CryptoArgha $0.14 tipped

Blockchain is adding a new level of growth in each sector and also emerging as a key player in the tech field   In recent years blockchains decentralization feature has attracted everyone and gave birth to new new ideas   Among those ideas -One is De...

Bitgo partnered with bitstamp to provide asset based security management

10 Oct 2019 1 minute read CryptoArgha $0.07 tipped

Digital asset management and bitcoin custodian bitgo announced to provide custody of crypto assets under bitstamp   Luxemburg based crypto currency   exchange bitstamp is worlds 11 the largest exchange in term of daily trading volume   Bitstamp annou...

Finastra partnered with Ripple ripplenet

10 Oct 2019 1 minute read CryptoArgha $0.11 tipped

Banking and payment based crypto currency ripples payment based cross border chain ripple partnered with finastra Finastra is a United Kingdom based software payment firm that provide secure payment service   In a official announcement by ripple on O...

Binance adds fiat gateway alipay and wepay

10 Oct 2019 1 minute read CryptoArgha $0.11 tipped

World largest crypto currency exchange binance announced to add fiat payment method wechat and alipay on the platform    On octobor 7 binance CEO changpeng Zhao confirmed this news on his official Twitter account    From now on users can deposit fiat...

$10 billion dollar worth bitcoin held by crypto exchanges

9 Oct 2019 1 minute read CryptoArgha $0.02 tipped

Bitcoin holders number and also their total amount in bitcoin is raising day by day   According to Twitter based analysts bot showed that about 7% of bitcoins total supply about $10 billion dollars worth funds are hold by crypto exchanges   8 cry...

Hyundai launches it own blockchain

9 Oct 2019 1 minute read CryptoArgha $0.11 tipped

South korean car manufacturing company hyundai announced to launch blockchain based wealth platform    According to a south korean news outlet hyundai has launched a blockchain based project In octobor 7   The project is currently in beta mode an...

Anchorage becomes telegram Gram tokens first custodian

9 Oct 2019 1 minute read CryptoArgha $0.08 tipped

Anchor labs becomes first custodian for Encrypted messaging app telegrams crypto project Gram   The digital asset and software firm custodian announced this news on their website    Anchor labs self owned owned platform Anchorage will help institutio...