Hydro Pay The Future of Online Payments- Use Your Hydros from Publish0x

Hydro Pay The Future of Online Payments- Use Your Hydros from Publish0x

By MoneyMan | Crypto And Money | 7 May 2019

Hydro Pay is the future of online payments. Its advertising itself as the next generation of Paypal which sounds incredible. You can use it to send money to friends for anything with no fees. Its a super convenient and free way to pay friends and loved ones for any event you may go to using crypto. It sounds and looks like a crypto version of Venmo! This is truly incredible, since most coins when you transfer or send them do incur fees. This is a total game changer. 



Look how sleek that interface is. Its at least as simple and easy as venmo to use. Its apps as useful as these that i expect will allow crypto to become more mainstream. Future versions will even have a fiat integration. Just like other apps, you'll also be able to send money to any contact in your mobile phone. 

Go register and they'll even give you 10,000 Hydros! Think about how many tips that would be on Publish0x. 

Hydro Pay Signup


Please feel free to sign up for Publish0x and send a tip. I'll appreciate the Hydros when using Hydro Pay .



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