Coinbase Earn - An Easy Way to Get Major Tokens
Coinbase Earn - An Easy Way to Get Major Tokens

By MoneyMan | Crypto And Money | 23 Apr 2019

Coinbase Earn is a program that Coinbase offers to enable users to learn about various crypto currencies they have on their website. Currently they have lessons about XLM, BAT, 0x, and ZEC. If you successfully complete the lessons they deposit various amounts of that currency into your wallet on coinbase. 


XLM -  is worth $10 dollars plus $10 dollars for each referral up to 4. 

BAT - is worth $10 dollars. The first $3 are for answering questions and $7 for downloading the browser here 

0x is worth $3 dollars for answering questions 

ZEC is worth $3 dollars for answering questions 


They’ll likely continue to add more currencies, and it’s possible they increase the value of both ZEC and 0x to match the other two. They show on the lesson pages, advanced lessons coming soon too. They also recently added REP to their wallet so I wouldn’t be surprised if they add that next(pure speculation). 


The benefits of this program theoretically are that if users know more about the coins, they may want to hold them or buy more. This is a clever way to market them, and potentially drive up trading volumes. Its kind of like giving a drug to a drug addict as a sample in many ways. 


These airdrops are only available to US citizens who do not have New York addresses. 


Simple steps to sign up 

1. Visit Coinbase Earn

2. Click add to waitlist for each token

3. When your through the list(most took a day) click the video on and then do the quizzes and that was it. Coins were in your wallet on coinbase instantly. On every quiz question, once you turned the video on, you were able to do the quiz, you didn't actually have to watch the video. 

If you don’t have coinbase you can sign up here: Coinbase Signup


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