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By Bibouille | Crypto and co | 17 Apr 2021

Hello readers today I propose you to analyze a crypto that seems to me to be promising.
In this post I will introduce the SpaceSwap MILK2.

 users%2FjvqPtZwWmYeqeLB6kkno9pqqb6n1%2Favatar-1603987328993.png?alt=media Short presentation SpaceSwap provides convenient services to liquidity pool providers. It is an aggregator that can integrate all major challenge protocols into a single site. The project attracted a lot of attention from the beginning, thanks to its exceptional features and the promises it provided.   SpaceSwap project innovations

-Striving to eliminate the drawbacks and flaws of the initial Version 1.0 protocol, SpaceSwap presented the upgraded and improved Version 2.0 with the following improvements:

-Rethinking and refining of the tokenomics model and process of coin emission.

-Issuing of the unique SHAKE coin that controls the amount of MILK2 coins for decelerating inflation. During the process of MILK2-SHAKE swap, the coins will be burnt/emitted. However, during the reverse exchange, i.e. SHAKE-MILK2, the price will be lowered by 10 MILK2, so as to prevent instant arbitrage.

-Creation of a roadmap with the new innovative DeFi services on board.

-The current Yield Farming system, with its two native coins, is a real game-changer. No other project has 2 interchangeable coins with multi-functionality and guaranteed liquidity. The SpaceSwap team follows its own Milky Way by presenting Interstellar, Gravity, Galaxy and many other products.

Already completed

The launch of SpaceSwap 2.0 

-The launch of SpaceSwap Interstellar - 09/25/2020.

-The implementation of SHAKE coin (only 10,000 SHAKE will be issued) - 09/25/2020.

-The launch of SpaceSwap Galaxy (voting system) - 09/30/2020.

-The launch of SpaceSwap Gravity - 10/15/2020.

-The launch of Index Token Platform - a place for issuing the top-hit token indexes - 11/15/2020.

-The launch of Shadow Farming - a unique development that is going to revolutionize the whole DeFi farming sphere - 02/02/2021.

-Pools added 1Inch, Curve, SnowSwap partnerships - 02/02/2021


All the information I will use comes from the official site SpaceSwap Vision so if you need more details I advise you to go there.


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