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Thanks a lot for actively participating in the EmiSwap AMA held on 11th December 2020 at the Game of Bitcoins Channel. We really appreciate all your support. This post is a recap of the entire session held with EmiSwap

We have with us Gee and Arseny

Gee -

Hey, mates! Nice to be here and have a chance to chat with new people. My name is Gee, Chief Magic Officer at EmiSwap AMM DEX. I have 14 years of experience in business, 7 years in VC, and almost 4 years in crypto. Throughout my career, I’ve launched approximately 20 blockchain projects, and now I manage magics in EmiSwap.

Arseny -

I am Arseny, CMO at EmiSwap, I am in crypto since early 2017. I have 5 blockchain projects behind me as well as a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and extensive experience in digital. 

I have always been supporting ideas and projects targeted at a higher level of decentralization, so I’m very excited to join the project in developing and promoting EmiSwap. We are making a revolutionary product and are making important moves to make audience aware about us now!

Q1. Will you please tell us more about EmiSwap? Let’s say, its biggest features.

Ah, sure. EmiSwap is a cutting edge automated market maker DEX with a voting ESW token designed to maintain a high level of decentralization from the outset. The ESW token holders are the actual owners of the project who have a right to get a share of profits (0.05%) and make decisions on the project development. That means, no changes in the protocol can be made without a voting procedure.

Furthermore, we pioneered in adding NFT mechanics to the ecosystem of a DEX. We call this NFTs Magic Cards and they are really magical :) Each card contains a special bonus including a certain amount of bonus ESW tokens, x2 or even x3 multiplier for an exchange, and extra rare collectible cards with their own value. So, Magic Cards are not just some NFTs that you farm and then try to sell. They are much more than that.

Q2. How is EmiSwap different from other decentralized exchanges? Uniswap, for example.

Actually, the EmiSwap DEX takes all the best practices of AMM Uniswap V2 and AMM Mooniswap with the addition of an ESW token that adds fairness and decentralization to the whole ecosystem. The ESW holders community decides not only on the changes in the protocol but also on how the platform will evolve and what new products will be launched within the EmiDAO ecosystem.

Another thing that makes EmiSwap different is the NFT gamification mentioned by Gee. As you may know, the audience of crypto people and the audience of gamers is overlapping, so NFT mechanics can become an entry point for newbie people interested in DeFi.

Moreover, EmiSwap has juicy bonuses for early swappers and liquidity providers. If you’re a swapper, you will get 16 ESW for every 1,000 DAI of personal trading volume from the 11th to the 100th day after the EmiSwap launch. 

And if you are a liquidity provider, you will get a proportional share from 30,000 ESW distributed among liquidity providers for 1 million DAI trading volume within the same timeframe. Furthermore, EmiSwap will issue 6,150 ESW additionally every 1000 blocks from the 11th to the 40th day after launch that will be distributed among liquidity providers in proportion to the amount of liquidity provided.

These bonuses are likely to give a great boost to EmiSwap right after the start which, I'll tell you a secret, will take place from day to day.

These conditions can attract lot of attention on the early stage of project development and we are working hard to achieve it

Q3. Will you pls reveal more details regarding the EmiSwap launch?

As I’ve mentioned above, the EmiSwap will be launched in the nearest future (1-2 weeks from now), we plan to do it after the security audit which is made by Hacken team will be finished. 

Then ESW token will be listed on centralized exchanges with swapping and yield farming coming live on the 10th day since the EmiSwap launch. 

And then we plan to release the internal market for buying and selling Magic Cards, issue new card types, and hold special events for card collectors. Our plans are ambitious, but achievable 😉

Q4. What’s the idea behind your NFTs? How will they work?

A good question for Chief Magic Officer, hehe.😁😁😁

The main feature of NFT Magic Cards is the ability to use them within the platform. These are not just collectible cards that you can farm, buy or sell but real bonuses (like doubling staking rewards for pools on a decentralized exchange) that can be used on Emiswap.

An additional feature of Magic Cards is that all cards that you receive or farm are initially covered (that is, you see the back of the card, but do not know its value). This gives any user the opportunity to get collectible and rare cards even from a simple category.

At the launch of the platform, the first collection will be released to the first 1000 buyers. After the first distribution, Magic Cards will be obtained through farming or purchasing on an internal marketplace.

This way, you get a card, unpack it, and get a special bonus. For card collectors, there will also be special events. An example is Card Wars, a tournament in which users participate in PvP battles with a deck of 5 cards and can win some extra cool boosters. Magic Cards are your Planeswalker in the EmiSwap ecosystem, actually.

Q5. How do you plan to promote EmiSwap?

We are a community-driven project that focuses on collaborations. We have a wide network of artists, journalists, blockchain influencers – and we plan to cooperate with them to deliver something together. The first collaboration is with Ryan Bliss, a 3D artist, whose Portals masterpiece is used in the EmiSwap Magic Hall – a place where your NFT journey starts.

There will of course be some traditional marketing activities, community events, special projects that will help us promote our concept and vision. We focus on a comprehensive approach to everything that we do.

Q6. How much of funds will be allocated for the Liquidity pool? Most of the new projects are going to lock these liquidity pool to make the investors to believe Are Emiswap also going to that or any other plan for that?

Ok. I’ll try to answer it. As EmiSwap is the community-driven project. No any marketing or other mechanics would be implemented here. So we just haven’t got any plans of Liquidity pools allocations. The market and time will show. To make people to believe we don’t hiding our identities, honestly working through the technology and bringing people the best products. The first year it will be vesting period for all of purchased during crowdsale period.

Q7. Auditing plays an important intermediary role in the development of DeFi projects. What audit methods has EmiSwap applied in project development? Can you talk more about it?

This is a very crucial question imo. Currently, we have already performed a smart contracts security audit with Hacken team. There are several minor adjustments which need to be done before the DEX release and we are on it atm.

Except that, we are in communication with Certik, Quantstamp and PeckSchield companies to make additional audits and protect our users in the best way.

Q8. Could you please tell us the Main Role of ESW tokens in the EMISWAP Ecosystem? how can i generate ESW? and How can the community earn passive income with ESW tokens? How Many Incentives does EMISWAP offer the community?

There are two main utilities of the ESW token. 

1) Decision Making. On our platform all updates in terms of users-platform interaction can be done only through the decision making process and only ESW token holders will be able to participate in it.

2) Profit Share. 0.05% from the exchange total turnover will be distributed among the ESW token holders.

Moreover, we have an Ambassador program which allocation is capped to the 10,000,000 ESW (1.1 million USD) and people are able to participate in it and get rewards.

Btw, everybody who is interested in Ambassador program can fill the application and join EmiSwap team.


Q9. Can you tell us about some of the partners EmiSwap is currently working with? Can you expand on EmiSwap’s recent focus on DeFi?

From the NFT side it almost everything built on collaborations and cooperations. So we start from digital artists for the new collection. And then we communicating with the celebrities on the charity program inside EmiDAO/Magic Cards.

From the technological side it’s of course main playaz on the security audit market. And more we are talking with the Near protocol/1Inch (gas fee reduction), 1Inch and Rariable. 

Collaborating with Andrew Fai and his TokenFighter (they just made a collaboration with YearnFinance so it’s a good shot I think).

And of Course Anrkey X and JD Salbego.

And many many more. We think we are one of the best product in the DeFi NFT market and we gonna groove the Q1-Q2 2021

Q10. On your website it days that enterprise clients holding a certain amount of tokens are eligible to earn ESW tokens for every dollar of flow traded. How much is that minimum amount that clients must hold?

As Gee has already mentioned we are a community driven project. 

There is no limit for holding a ESW to get an opportunity to have a share of project’s profit (0.05% from total exchange turnover).

The holders of ESW are the owners of EmiSwap and this is our key advantage.

I hope the guys got the answers for the main questions. Let’s move on to the community questions. I am looking for some interesting ones!😇

And actually it’s not about inter prose but all users.

Q11. Can $ESW holders partake in the governance of EMISWAP project?

Exactly, the ESW is a governance token and holders will be able to vote on its future development.

Q12. It is unfortunate that some projects remain half way because their developers abandon the concept because they cannot achieve the desired capitalization in the long term; how do you plan to make this project sustainable for its development?

We would not Stop. I will not stop! It’s the point of my life that I’ve been waiting for 20 years. So I’m pretty mature to make the big shot. I have everything for success. Read an article in Forbes in a couple of weeks about the way of EmiSwap and my own and DYOR.

Q13. Any small coding error can permanently damage the entire assets of the LPs. This is the biggest risk of Yield Farming . How will you deal with this problem?

Yes, Hacken did the first one.

Q14. - 1.Increasing Token price

2- make Token Valuable

3-Building Community Trust

From 3 aspects above,. I want to ask,. Which one the most important for you?

If all above are important for you,. Which one that Will you do first?

All these 3 subjects are connected with each over and it is not possible to reach any of them without reaching other ones.

Q15. Token burn” is beneficial for any project, in being able to control the number of token circulation and to provide greater incentives to investors. Does your great project have a plan about token burn?

You as the owner can decide by voting would you burn or not. That’s what I’m talking about when sayin’ “it’s community driven”

Q16. Can I earn income liquidity provider of EMISWAP project?

Yep. Liquidity Providers will get 0.25% from the total exchange turnover.

Q17. In the world cryptocurrency competition, features are of the utmost importance to attract investors and the community! Can you provide a list of killer features that scare your competitors over your project?

I spent many hours exploring the NFT gaming projects and I figured out that:

1. None of NFT playable project has got an exchange (that mean that our competitors cannot offer the better conditions that we can)

2. Most of the competitors are: or just NFT collectibles (u can’t use it just farm and sell them, or don’t have any yield farming mechanics and just a game with 8bit gameplay or smthng. So we have the special feature not only to entertain you but give real profit from being at our platform.

3. All the existing projects pretty focused on one topic (Fantasy, CyberPunk, 8bit arcades and etc). Magic Cards world could give you a different world of a totally amazing experience of mixing genres and characters and anyone can find their own lovely one. 

4. None of the competitors offer a community-driven model for project development. So devs always decide where the game goes next. But we do really believe that the community is the key and real Web 3.0 was invented for community and people. So our model quite differs.

5. I never found a project with the cooperation model. I mean we would love to bring special guests and special collections for our community. The first one goes very soon - I have an agreement with Ryan Bliss to use his artworks for Magic Cards. And many more soon (from the Crypto side to the Celebrities in the Charity part of Magic Cards).

Q18. How can we trust your project? We don't know anything about your team members? Even you don't have any roadmap or white paper! So, it confusing that where you wanted to take this project?

It is not correct. DYOR better please. We do have a roadmap published on the website (

We also have a white paper 2.1. Check it out:

Q19. I heard EmiSwap participated in Dubai to attend the Gigs this COVID & Lockdown year offline blockchain event. What is the added value for EmiSwap by participating in this event?

Hehe. We still here. We found a big pool in Asia, have some articles in media, cooperated with a lot of influencers like TheMoonCarl, CryptoJack and etc

Q20. Asia is strong market area for cryptocurrencies. Is EMISWAP focused on a particular community, Or you will adopt more local communities  

Right now we working with Japan and China. I have a big community leaders support in Japan. I spent 4 month in Seoul so I know some Korean market and dreaming to collaborate with a K-Pop star to bring us to the moon. 

So, yes, it’s our strategical market!

Q21. About the Tokenomics? Could you give us an overview of the Tokenomics? Is the token designed to rise and fall with the success of the platform? And does it include any scarcity paths such as stake, store, or burn?


Q22. What is the most ambitious goal of the project? I would appreciate it if you could share with us any upcoming updates? What should the community look for?

Follow EmiSwap on Twitter to get the last updates regarding the project development.


Q23. As a community based project, how can I donate my quota for your success? Do you have a Global Ambassador Program or a Referral Rewards System?

Exactly. We do have a global Ambassador program with 1.1 million USD reward fund (10,000,000 ESW)

Fill the application to participate here:

Q24. What are the strategies to attract new users and investors to your platform? And also What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

We are going places right now. 

We have a strong Ambassador team, several key marketing partners and are going to launch huge advertising campaign to attract new users on the platform in near future.

Q25. From where you get the project name? What does it means to you? And why you choose this name for your project?

Very simple two points:

1. DeFi it’s like a new bank but with no middle-man. Just put your money on the platform and make it works. No cheats or rug pulls, just profit for users. NFTs are like loyalty cards but reversed (higher card higher bonus to farming, liquidity pool bonus and etc).

2. We mixing the gaming mechanics of WOW, MTG/Hearthstone and Fortnite. So we attract both communities players and cryptos. It’s a ground shaking mix and definitely it will make a big noise around!

Q26. What is " EMIREX " all about. In the ecosystem of EMISWAP?

Not, actually. The emirex is a Centralized Exchange, but the Devs of Emirex created EmiSwap as a Dex of the new generation, correcting the mistakes of Uniswap/MooniSwap and bringing more cool features and profit.

Q27. What really MOTIVATED you to bring such a great PROJECT into existence?

Everything. My Twitter nickname is CryptoHippie. So I’m living an lovin. I’m inspiring by everything. And even I’m happy to be on earth every freaking minute 😃😃😃

Q28. Hello, I'm from Philippines. Did you know that there's so many potential investor came from Philippines. Do you have plan to create Philippine Community group And also to expand the market on Philippine exchanges?

You are able to contact us and we can make it together. Great shot, buddy!

Q29. Do you have any new partneship recently? And what advantage of this partnership to the project?

Yeap, TokenFigher and some others will announce it very soon. Just stay tuned!

Q30. I'm curious about the team's record. I think it is important to invest on a project who has a reliable workers. Do the team already worked on something related to crypto industry?

The team consists of people with several years expeirence in crypto. The answer to your question is - yes!

Sure. I’ve been running about 20 projects, and actually I’m a quite well known person in the crypto world. And to the Devs they did create Emirex and a couple of other products. And very soon we will redesign our lending page and put there all of our team.

Q31. One of the biggest issues for dapps is onboarding. What solutions do you have or the  team found for try to resolve this problem?

We are working with the best CTO’s and Devs in the world. So if it’s not enough the expertise of our Devs we are using the technical solutions and experience from the best projects as well. That’s why I love opensource.

Try to check the website. EmiSwap is a decentralized exchange with implemented concept of NFT. 

EmiSwap DEX takes all the best practices of AMM Uniswap V2 and AMM Mooniswap with the addition of an ESW token that adds fairness and decentralization to the whole ecosystem. 

The ESW holders community decides not only on the changes in the protocol but also on how the platform will evolve and what new products will be launched within the EmiDAO ecosystem.



That was actually very cool, thank you guys for your questions. We’ll be very glad to see you among the very first DEX adopters that will get rewards for swapping and providing liquidity and special-edition Magic Cards for participating in the ESW sale.


Visit our website and read more about the EmiSwap 



Thanks everybody for their questions. We are welcome you to join our community.

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