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VeChain sustainability

VeChain: Green Cryptocurrencies for the environment

By crypto_albert | crypto_addiction | 10 Aug 2022

Climate change is one of the most important challenges facing humanity. Melting of glaciers, rising global temperatures, floods and drought. Every day we read news of natural disasters and we need to find quick and effective solutions. Climate change could also have negative impacts on human health and there have been studies on this issue for years. According to the report published in Nature Climate Change, there would be a link between floods, heat waves and drought, storms, rising sea levels, fires and a worsening of infectious diseases. According to scientists coordinated by Camilo Mora, a statistical biologist at the University of Hawaii, in Manoa, climate risks have aggravated 58% of human infectious diseases. Our sector can also play a decisive role in climate protection and today I want to talk to you about what VeChain, founded in 2015 by Chinese entrepreneurs Sunny Lu and Jay Zhang, is doing.


VeChain is a Blockchain ecosystem that aims to improve supply chain management by connecting Blockchain technology with the real world. One of Vechain’s strengths is sustainability, in fact the total carbon emissions per year generated by VeChain network is about 4.58 metric tons, approximately 2.4% of the carbon emission generated for mining a single Bitcoin. Vechain is even 99% greener than Cardano.

VeChain Sustainability

VeChain allows manufacturers to assign unique identifiers to their products on the platform, thereby enabling participants to track the movement and provenance of products in a real supply chain. VeChain aims to enable its trading partners and developers to adopt Blockchain solutions for business and create a powerful and sustainable ecosystem. The proposed solutions concern the following sectors: food safety traceability, digital carbon footprint & sustainability, automotive passport, retail, logistics, liquified natural gas, digital content distribution, electronic document deposit, agriculture.

VeChain solutions

By dealing with so many solutions, VeChain had the opportunity to forge very important partnerships:

  • in automotive with BYD (China’s largest electric car manufacturer) and BMW;
  • in pharmaceuticals with Bayer;
  • in fashion with LVMH, french world leader in luxury products;
  • in retail & food with Trusted Food, Bright Food and Walmart.

VeChain is one of my favorite Cryptocurrencies. I think it has great long-term potential and for this I also hold VET in my wallet. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think about VeChain, the role of Cryptocurrencies in the environment protection, the aspects that can be improved and if you know other notable green Cryptocurrencies. Consider this space a place to talk without censorship.

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