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Famous crypto Youtubers who allegedly promoted FTX to face $1 Billion class action lawsuit

By crypto_albert | crypto_addiction | 18 Mar 2023

Some residents of America, Canada, UK and Australia filed a $1 Billion class action lawsuit for conspiracy to commit fraud without disclosing compensation against ten crypto Youtubers:

- Creators Agency

- Jaspreet Singh

- Kevin Paffrath

- Ben Armstrong aka BitBoy Crypto

- Graham Stephan

- Andrei Jikh

- Brian Jung

- Jeremy Lefebvre

- Erika Kullberg

- Tom Nash

According to the lawsuit, the defendants presented themselves as "real-life consumers who share authentic and valuable information with their followers." Their behavior allegedly deceived their users and exposed them to huge loss of money due to the collapse of FTX. In the past, other celebrities have already had legal problems for promoting FTX, among which the most famous is the quarterback Tom Brady, together with his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen. Any legal proceedings are expected to take place in Florida. One such “crypto influencer”, BitBoy Crypto, quickly reacted on Twitter.

This is the video where he described FTT, the FTX's token, "absolutely phenomenal".

This is just one of the latest bad examples of these crypto gurus dispensing financial advice and then making people lose money. Korean crypto trader Satto lost over $800,000 during a live stream. He defines himself "Bitcoin korea no.1".


Satto is famous for making YouTube videos where he trades Bitcoin with high leverage, but this time it went wrong.

Should you learn cryptocurrency trading from this guy? No.

Should you listen to the advice of these so-called "crypto influencers"? No.
What is always the best choice? DYOR and don't listen to scoundrels.


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