⚡Supercharger⚡ Program Announced for Sept 30th! ⚡Supercharger⚡ Program Announced for Sept 30th!

By Mozzie | Crypto Aficionado | 26 Sep 2020

Looks like is trying to make up for the database issue they had last week with yet another new product for the Exchange - Supercharger.

Yet another reason to hold onto your CRO, not like we needed anymore reason than the Visa card and 20% APR paid daily. Though I can understand if the database issues they had last week has scared off some people.


Now onto the ⚡Supercharger⚡ info and how it works.

⚡Supercharger⚡ is a secure and flexible liquidity platform. No confusing DeFi interfaces. With only 1 click, deposit CRO with no lockup period, withdraw at anytime!

There are two 30 day periods, First 30 days is the Charging Period, and the Second 30 day is the Reward Period.

  • Charging Period - Deposit and/or withdraw from the Supercharger poll any time during this period, they will calculate our average share % every day.
  • Reward Period - Receive reward tokens every day during the reward distribution period based on the liquidity provided in the deposit period

The best thing about this program in my opinion is the NO GAS FEES

It looks like they will be rotating out the DeFi coins that are rewarded, kind of like they do with the Syndicate events. The first DeFi coin up for rewards is non other than UNI - Uniswap Protocol with a $500,000 USD Allocation

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