Top Tools to Use for DeFi Projects

By Crypto Adventure | Crypto Adventure | 13 Jun 2021

Decentralized finance is among the most lucrative and ever evolving fields in the crypto world, second to cryptocurrencies and centralized investment options. There are over 200 Defi projects in crypto today, thus making the right investment decision is not easy especially for Defi rookies. 

New Defi-based platforms have been coming up recently, providing tools for analyzing and investing in Defi and decentralized exchanges like Uniswap. Some of these platforms have unique tools that can help analyze multiple markets and give the best judgments. This guide will discuss the significant tools designed to help Defi projects. 

DYP Tools

DeFi Yield Protocol (DYP) is a crypto DeFi project introduced to provide vast income-earning opportunities to DeFi traders. Among its best functionalities include anti-manipulation and the DYP tools. 

Created with a straightforward dashboard, the DYP tools feature is the best Defi tool. It deals primarily with Defi-centered information; therefore, it has a watchman tool that helps scout for information in DEX. Among the major features of DYP tools include;

  • Pool, pair, and bigswap explorers- These features' primary roles are helping investors get deep insights on pools, pairs, and bigswaps found on the DEX world.
  • Community vote system- The voting system implanted in DYP tools allows only persons with actual investment in a project to vote on it. 
  • DYP launchpad- as the number of solutions and projects in crypto increases, DYP introduces a new launchpad that will help all upcoming projects launch their presales.
  • DYP locker- This locker will help in locking liquidity tokens and other classes of tokens. There will be additional features like vesting to ensure this tool functions with utter reliability.
  • A premium account where users will enjoy more comprehensive services.

Defi Prime

Defi prime is one of the best tools to use for Decentralized finance and related projects. It's a combination of a media center and analytical tool providing updates, education, and information on Defi's latest. 

There is a section dubbed Defi projects showing the different classes of Defi projects in the space, including derivatives, insurance, etc. Other essential features making up the Defi prime network include;

  • Defi blog- This section shows the most recent news in the Defi community. 
  • Defi rates- Another notable feature on the Defi prime network is the Defi rates section which shows the borrowing and lending interest rates prevailing in the Defi markets. 
  • Defi tokens- A section showing the list of all Defi tokens and their performances, including their prevailing market prices, addresses, market caps, and 24hr trading volume.
  • Defi events- This section has a calendar of the Defi world, showing the upcoming events for the benefit of the Defi community. 


Dextools is one of the most reliable Defi tools, despite it working with Uniswap only. The platform, which was launched in 2020, has been increasing in adoption due to the excellent services the network provides. 

It has a native token DEXT which has already performed vastly in the network, hitting an excellent market cap and unit price. However, when it comes to trading and Defi tools, Dextools boasts the following unique features;

  • Wallet info tool- The wallet info tool provides information about other people's wallets. Using this tool, an investor can trace their wallet and performance. 
  • Pool explorer- designed to help investors get all-round information about individual pools in Uniswap.
  • The pair explorer by the Dextool network helps provide in-depth information about all pairs on Uniswap. 
  • Bigswap explorer- The Bigswap explorer collects information about the largest swaps found on Uniswap and helps investors identify them.
  • MultiSwap explorer- Using the multiswap explorer feature, investors can view multiple pairs on a single screen.


Moontools is another excellent platform providing the best tools in the crypto world. This platform is still new and working on streamlining the services it provides. However, the platform can allow you to view and interact with data from multiple decentralized exchange platforms. 

The platform has made great partnerships with a platform like DuckDAO to ensure efficiency in service provision. Generally, this platform will ensure that investors and Defi projects have an easy time in crypto.

Among the features already there and others upcoming include;

  • Price alerts- this tool helps in notifying investors of positive\negative price changes that could affect their investment portfolios.
  • Portfolio tracker- as a tracking tool, this feature will help investors check and manage the performance of their portfolio.
  • Multiple Explorers- the platform has a token, pair, and wallet explorer tool that helps upcoming investors with vital information for thorough analysis and decision making.

Final Word 

After looking into the Decentralized finance world, it's clear that the tools mentioned above are the best for understanding the Defi world. Defi prime has excellent analytical and calendar details about the Defi space. Dextools has excellent exploring and tracking tools. Moontools has price alerts, portfolio tracking tools, and multiple explorer options for the users. 

DYP has tons of tools, including pair, pool, and Bigswap explorers; thus, using it guarantees investors will make reliable decisions. The interaction of these tools makes the DYP tools feature stand out from the other Defi tools.

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