Top Cryptocurrency Portfolio Trackers

Top Cryptocurrency Portfolio Trackers

By Crypto Adventure | Crypto Adventure | 13 Mar 2021

Portfolio tracking primarily refers to the investor's need to understand their portfolio performance, individual coins, profits, and losses both in the short and long-run. However, it's almost impossible to track your portfolio manually; thus, the need for automated portfolio trackers arises.

Due to the crypto world's speedy growth, with over 10,000 assets, the number of portfolio trackers has vastly grown. But how can an investor be able to identify the right platform for tracking? 

Details to look for in a good platform include security, supported assets and exchanges, pricing and user-friendliness among others. Keep reading to find out the best crypto portfolio trackers in the crypto business. is an all-in-one crypto platform designed to provide crypto accounting services like portfolio tracking, management, and tax reporting. As an investor, you can freely choose your portfolio and get detailed information about individual crypto assets and general portfolio performance. It gives an in-depth insight into profits, losses, investments, and general trading. 

Currently, supports over 7,500 currencies and upto 300 exchanges and wallets. Investors can track their daily performance, track tokens in the market, create personalized lists of tokens as well as compare them to other traders' performance in real-time. 

Apart from providing portfolio tracking solutions, provides great tax reporting features, including tax filing that adheres to government jurisdictions.  

Their crypto portfolio tracking features are free (Android and iOS) and their tax packages are affordable. Here are some of the subscription options; 

  • Free tax option for 365-day period which supports 25 tax transactions
  • Hobbyist option, which supports 500 tax transactions for one year. Payment is $79
  • For $179, get the trader option for up to 5000 transactions.
  • For $299, get the pro option supporting 50k transactions. is the most well-rounded platform in the market allowing users to use only one tool for their entire crypto trading life-cycle. 


This platform is feature-rich; thus, it thrives in service provision and portfolio tracking. It provides portfolio tracking opportunities for both crypto and other investments, including stock, futures, bonds, etc. 

Providing tracking for all sorts of investments eases the investor's work and costs. Delta currently supports over 300 exchanges and over 7,000 crypto assets. Among the best features of the Delta platform include; 

  • A user can synchronize up to 5 devices.
  • Constant subscription fees
  • Provides charts for in-depth coin analysis
  • Easy data recovery
  • Manages ten portfolios per person
  • All trading history is available. 


Cointracking, launched in 2012,  has attracted wide usage and adoption to many people globally, building trust as it grows. It's one of the most remarkable crypto portfolio tracking platforms of today. 

The most recent data from the CoinTracking website shows that the platform supports about 9317 assets. Currently, the platform serves about 740k active users and over 1,000 accounting and corporate clients. 

Other unique features in the Cointracking platform include;

  • 12-year historical data 
  • Trusted and has over $24.7 billion across all the portfolios therein
  • Provides personal analytics, including profit and loss, and other crypto reports
  • Supports over 110 exchanges 
  • Top security using 2FA, encryption of data, and API
  • There is a back-up and restore feature


Shrimpy is a one-stop-shop for crypto trading and portfolio tracking options designed with features to ensure the platform provides the best services. It provides some of the most remarkable tools designed with top security, convenience, and user-friendliness.

This platform allows an investor to track performance, monitor the market, copy-trade, and manage the portfolio. Currently, Shrimpy supports about 16 exchanges and a huge variety of crypto assets. It has a unique indexing tool capable of helping users diversify their portfolios. 

Shrimpy also provides a unique backtesting tool that stores five-year trading history for testing profitable strategies. When it comes to security, Shrimpy implants 2FA, thus wholly protecting your account. 

This platform also offers professional packages billed as follows; 

  • $19 per month for persons paying monthly
  • $16 per month for persons paying bi-annually
  • $13 per month for persons paying annually


We cannot end without mentioning Blockfolio. It's another excellent portfolio tracking application that boasts a world of features, including Blockfolio signal. 

The Blockfolio signal feature was built to aid token teams in connecting with the communities. This signal feature provides news updates, the latest prices, team updates, and market analytical data.

According to the Blockfolio website, there are currently more than 6 million users of the platform. Moreover, Blockfolio boasts the support of over 500 crypto exchanges and 10,000 crypto assets. 

Best features of the platform include;

  • Setting up price alerts for the best crypto assets like BTC and ETH
  • One can use the platform freely, with no hidden charges.
  • The application is mobile friendly and has a great UI
  • Highly secured by an additional secret pin.
  • Great data recovery features
  • One can get the latest crypto news from social media and other webpages.

Final Word

Since portfolio tracking service platforms are increasing over time, it may be hard for investors to select the right choice. Looking at crucial features like pricing, user friendliness and performance of various platforms will help you make the right decision. 

The platforms mentioned above are the best in the crypto business when it comes to tracking. Delta provides a highly user-friendly application for mobile phone users and supports both crypto and non-crypto investments. Cointracking has been in the crypto business for long and has garnered trust overtime. Blockfolio and shrimpy also provide highly user-friendly platforms thus are suitable for use. provides great subscription options and a world of accounting services for crypto coins, that include portfolio tracking and tax management. Any investor using the above platforms has guaranteed safety and user-friendliness and will not be disappointed. 

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