The Yoink Roadmap Success in the Making

The Yoink Roadmap Success in the Making

By Crypto Adventure | Crypto Adventure | 20 Oct 2020

Yoink incorporates an elegant roadmap that sees the platform achieve full operational capacity before the end of 2020. To date, Yoink has made some major strides towards its dream of melding the security and investment opportunities of DeFi with the fun and user anticipation of the lottery. Here's where Yoink is at, where they have been, and where developers intend to take this new era protocol in the coming months.

A Bright Future

The future looks bright for Yoink. The platform is already well on its way to revolutionizing the blockchain security sector. Additionally, more users enter the Yoink sphere daily. These users come from across the globe in search of a better, more engaging cryptocurrency experience. Only Yoink can fulfill their desires with its unique approach to the market. In this way, Yoink keeps in line with its mantra to "under-promise, over-deliver."

Yoink Crowdfunding

Yoink’s first crowdfunding round was a major success. The event sold out in just 14-hours. In total, the event put the total circulating supply of YNK at 40 million.

Keeping in line with Yoink's fair approach to the market, the liquidity gained from this crowdsale remains locked via Unicrypt for the next twelve months. Team tokens are locked for six months to provide early-bird investors the maximum ROI opportunities.

September - Listed on Every Major Listing Site

Yoink understands that to build the type of network that can change the entire crypto market forever, you need to be seen. The hype around Yoink is real. The platform secured listing on every major listing outlet in just eight days. You can now find helpful information on Yoink at cmc, coingecko, livecoinwatch, coinranking, coinstats + blockfolio, and delta apps.

October - Yoink Dashboard Launch

Much of Yoink's success stems from the fact that the platform has one of the most intuitive interfaces available. Yoink users can easily track and monitor their profits using a variety of data indicators. The developers behind this next-gen interface wanted to remove all technological roadblocks for new users. Now anyone can join the Yoink community and support the cause.

October - Yoink Function Launch

One of the first responsibilities developers took was to get the Yoink Function operational. This protocol is what makes Yoink so great. The Yoink ecosystem utilizes a piggy bank to house reward funds. Initially, this piggy bank held 30% of the total supply of Yoink.  The Yoink function automatically removes 1% from this piggy bank and issues it to a random Yoink wallet address.

Yoink is handing out around $2500 worth of YNK daily from its piggy bank. To be eligible for the reward, you must be within the top 500 YNK token holders. When the Yoink Function selects a wallet that doesn't meet these criteria, it automatically burns the 1% reward. This deflationary strategy bolsters the value of all the other YNK held by the community. In this way, the Yoink Function makes every user a winner.  

October - Yoinking Begins

Yoink has already begun surprising lucky users with their Yoink rewards. The Yoink community can track and monitor each Yoink as it occurs in real-time via the dashboard panel. The panel features an intuitive countdown timer to let you know when the next Yoink will commence. You can also see how much total Yoink rewards are up for grabs.

October - Yoink.Rocks Website Upgrade

Yoink will make a major website upgrade at this point to simplify the entire onramp procedure. The developers intend to introduce a variety of next-gen features to increase usability and convenience. The Yoink-verse is expanding quickly, Yoink.Rocks helps to keep everybody in the loop. 

October - Dashboard Upgrade from 1.00 - 1.10

There is a major dashboard upgrade that will streamline Yoink's most common functionalities. The developers want you to Yoink in comfort with access to all the most vital data you need. In this way, you can Yoink with confidence knowing that the network and your investments are secure and accessible.

November - Yoink Lab Creation

In October of this year, developers announced the creation of the mysterious Yoink Lab.anhereing to the platform’s fun-loving and exciting approach to crypto investing, the Yoink Lab still remains a mystery. Out of nowhere, a Yoink Lab tab appeared on the dashboard. Users continue to postulate as to its true purpose, but at this point, the only thing that they are sure of is that it will be something entertaining.

November - YNK Staking & Deflationary Yield Farming

The end of this year will see Yoink take its operation to the next level. The platform will initiate YNK staking and deflationary yield farming. Staking allows anyone to lock their YNK in smart contracts and receive rewards. Staking is considered less risky than trading because it requires no technical understanding or market research.

Yoink stakers will enjoy some of the healthiest rewards in the industry. In this way, the developers seek to plump-up the holdings of these little piggies and provide Yoinkers with access to all the latest blockchain-powered profit strategies.

November/December Dashboard Upgrade from 1.10 - 1.20

The end of the year will also see another major Dashboard overhaul. This time developers will put the final touches on their already impressive portal. Users will gain the ability to monitor all of their Yoink activities including rewards, staking, transactions, and market developments from this easy to navigate dashboard.

November/December Marketing Push

Once all the pieces of the Yoink puzzle are fully in place, the team will start their massive marketing campaign. Yoink plans to take a multi-faceted approach to their marketing campaign. The company plans to expand its social media presence considerably during this time. The Yoink network will see massive growth during this marketing push. This time is also when early bird investors are sure to see some major ROIs.

Yoink's combination of excitement, fun, and solid economics makes it an ideal candidate for a global marketing campaign. Who doesn't love the chance to win free crypto?

Here are the full details of their journey

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