The Wall Street Baby NFTs Let You Stick it to the Man

The Wall Street Baby NFTs Let You Stick it to the Man

By Crypto Adventure | Crypto Adventure | 11 Apr 2021

Wall Street Baby Token is the latest addition to the growing artwork NFT sector. The project seeks to build on the popularity and success of the current NFT craze. Wall Street Baby is a completely new project that utilizes a variety of technologies to create a unique trading experience.

Wall Street Baby leverages the current NFT trend to provide users with the chance to collect digital cards based on WSB meme art. There are multiple ways participants can get their hands on these tokens. Notably, you can purchase some of these tokens directly with any ERC-20 token on Uniswap or BSC_20 tokens on PancakeSwap. However, there are many that are only available to you once you meet certain criteria. 

NFT Artwork 

The Wall Street Baby Token capitalizes on the current NFT art trend. Recently, NFT art has seen expansive adoption with the introduction of multiple exchanges, markets, games, and more. Part of this growth can be attributed to the verifiable scarcity of these tokens. For example, this year saw the popular blockchain artist Beeple, sell a single NFT art piece for over $60 million. 

What Problems Does Wall Street Baby Token Attempt to Fix?

The developers behind the Wall Street Baby Token attempt to solve a couple of pressing issues faced by traders. For one, the project displays some unique art pieces to add to your collection. There are a variety of tokens to meet your artistic needs. Each NFT has different attributes that add to its overall scarcity. Best of all, all of the NFTs are blockchain verifiable.

Benefits of Wall Street Baby Token

Wall Street Baby users gain access to some cool ways to show their support for the current retail traders vs. hedge funds/Wall Street movement. Primarily, the entire project helps to educate and onboard new investors into the blockchain sector.  

To that extent, developers intend to launch some trading-specific tools in the coming months according to the company's roadmap. Specifically, the educational section of the platform will touch on topics such as risk management, NFT, and how and why cryptocurrencies help defeat the Wall Street suits. In this way, Wall Street Baby seeks to provide more value to its users across the board.


Of course, the primary focus of the project is fun. The platform promotes content creation through the introduction of some cool contests. Currently, the network has a competition where artists can participate in making MEME pictures and cards to further the cause. The top designs will eventually make it onto the platform in the form of new NFTs. For their creative efforts, participating users can look forward to rewards in the form of the project's native token, WSB, and rare NFTs.

Profit Distribution

As part of the firm's strategy to redistribute wealth, the developers intend to take all of the profits made from selling NFTs and redistribute these funds to users via liquidity pools. This strategy is sure to excite investors and help to keep the community tight as the platform expands.

Token Lockup

Wall Street Baby's team has introduced some token lockup periods in a move that is sure to improve confidence in the project. Specifically, all presale funds have been locked for 2-years on Uniswap via a Unicrypt smart contract. Notably, Unicrypt is the top liquidity locking mechanism on Uniswap. Additionally, all team tokens are to be locked up for 6-months. This strategy was a smart maneuver because it lets collectors know that the developers are in the project for the long haul. 

How Does the Wall Street Baby Token Work?

The Walls Street Baby Token is an Ethereum-based NFT. Ethereum is by far the largest NFT and DeFi ecosystem in the market. The decision to launch on Ethereum ensures that the underlying blockchain technology of the WSB NFT is tried, tested, and secure. Additionally, it provides access to the entire Ethereum ecosystem. WSB collectors can trade their NFTs on popular exchanges. They can also save their tokens in any ERC-20 compliant wallet. 

How to Get WSB NFTs

Uniquely, you can't just go out and buy all the WSB NFTs you want. There are some NFTs available for purchase directly on the platform. However, most require you to meet some pre-set criteria. For example, some of the top NFTs require you to a predetermined amount of WSB for at least 90 days. 

There are also special issuance NFTs that are only available to users based on their status in the network. For example, the Elon Musk Dogecoin NFT. There is only one of these super rare NFTs. The added scarcity of these NFTs is likely to drive demand for these cards skyward in the near future.


WSB is the native utility token of the network. The developers intend to issue 1,000,000 WSB tokens in total. They are also what you stake to qualify for special tokens and other benefits. Additionally, you receive all rewards in WSB tokens on the network. There is a total of 1,000,000 WSB tokens scheduled for issuance by developers.  


The entire Wall Street Baby project was built from the ground up to be a community effort. The platform allows regular users to propose and vote on vital upgrades to the network. Community governance mechanisms are seen by many as the natural evolution of the cryptocurrency market primarily because they help keep the community in unison.  

Stick it to the Man with the Wall Street Baby Token 

The Wall Street Baby project demonstrates the further expansion of the NFT market. If the developers can harness the power of the current movement, they are sure to see great results. 

New users will be happy to learn the network is currently hosting a competition where you can collect 13 new NFTs and a chance of securing a piece of the 50,000 WSB pool. Users earn these cards based on their participation. For example, there are some rare collectibles in this set. To win you simply need to meet the card’s minimum requirements. You can get your hands on the Tesseract card for holding 500+ WSB for 60 days. 

After the cards are distributed, the developers will ask the community some questions, the first to answer wins. The first prize is 5000 WSB tokens. The contest is easy and sure to excite new users. For now, Wall Street Baby lives up to the platform’s motto - “Money Never Sleeps.”

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