The Divi Ecosystem: A decentralized financial platform

The Divi Ecosystem: A decentralized financial platform

By Crypto Adventure | Crypto Adventure | 27 Feb 2021

The crypto world has vastly grown over the past few years, both in value and number of assets. At the time of writing, coinmarketcap tracks over 8,500 cryptocurrencies, and the total crypto market capitalization exceeds $1.5 trillion. 

The crypto-sphere is growing rapidly. Somewhere along the way, the user experience was forgotten. These days, entering the crypto space requires the user to navigate several applications. They need a wallet to store the private keys and a crypto exchange platform, and a way to buy crypto with their fiat currency. The complexity of the processes makes it difficult for anyone to enter the market, even experienced traders. 

These complexities lead to increased user error, with the loss of cryptocurrencies far too common. Beyond that, the current process is cumbersome and unattractive to most.

Cryptocurrency is a revolutionary technology, but without paying attention to the user, its ability to change our financial institutions is weakened. The Divi Project seeks to change this by creating a payment platform that puts users front and center. 

The Divi Ecosystem

The Divi ecosystem is a payment platform laser-focused on the user experience. Its main aim is to create a consolidated network of financial services that provides frictionless payments. By focusing on the user and providing an easy, cheap, fast, and secure way to transfer funds, The Divi Project ensures that everyone can participate in this more equitable financial system. 

The Divi Blockchain

The Divi Ecosystem relies upon its novel blockchain to create a secure environment for its users. There are a few ways in which Divi’s blockchain supports their ‘crypto made easy’ mission. 

  • Humanized protocol - The blockchain focuses on using addresses easily identifiable with humans. For instance, it uses the username, email address, and personal photo as part of the account's details and metadata instead of a long string of text. 
  • Efficiency- Duplication in the blockchain is a serious issue leading to blockchain bloat and reduced network speed. However, the Divi blockchain avoids duplication by leveraging the milestone system, where a milestone has to be hit for another event to start. This leads to a faster blockchain and faster transactions. 
  • Security- The blockchain is an immutable ledger and fosters complete transparency. Immutability, consensus, and transparency help maintain a secure network for all users. 
  • Interoperability- The Divi blockchain is interoperable with other applications and protocols. This interoperability will make it easy for users to connect with different platforms in the future. 
  • Divi Nodes- The blockchain uses the MOCCI (masternode one-click cloud install). This allows anyone to run a masternode with zero technical knowledge. These mastenodes help in the validation and verification of transactions, thus securing the entire Divi network. Making this process easy for all is a big part of Divi’s mission. 

The Divi Coin

Divi is its own unique coin, with the genesis block launching on September 27, 2018. These coins are minted using a proof of stake consensus mechanism. There are currently 2,163,540,048 Divi in circulation. However, the platform has not set a maximum number of coins for platform. The Divi Project understands that a managed inflationary model leads to greater price stability, which aids adoption. 

The Divi Wallet

The Divi coin can currently be stored in a desktop wallet. However, with the mobile wallet currently in beta testing, users will soon have an exciting new way to interact with Divi. The Divi Wallet is everything you’d expect from a financial application but is powered by blockchain technology. 

Storing Coins: Divi provides a decentralized option for storing your crypto assets' private keys. Using this platform, you don't have to keep your assets in other unsafe wallets and custodial solutions.

Earn with Divi Wallet: The wallet provides income-earning opportunities in return for securing the network. Stakers and Divi Nodes help secure the network and earn Divi for doing so. Proof of stake consensus relies on the users working together to ensure the blockchain remains healthy. 

Exchange: The exchange of currencies within the Divi Wallet is simple. Users will be able to store and exchange both Fiat and Crypto within the wallet. There will be no need for centralized exchanges or third-party solutions. 

Track Your Performance: The Divi wallet will show balances and rewards earned, all on one user-friendly dashboard.

Divi Debit Card: The Divi Wallet will bridge the gap between crypto and the real world with the Divi Debit card. Soon, you will be able to pay for goods and services with your crypto. Anytime, anywhere!

Staking in Divi

Staking involves the validation of transactions by the network users, who earn rewards for doing so. In a process known as proof of stake consensus, the wallets check the transactions to verify the source and authenticity. Often a required number of wallets must agree that a transaction is valid. This is often a 50% +1 wallet. When this happens, the consensus has been reached, the transaction is completed, and a new block is created. 

Using the Divi wallet app, a user can easily stake and earn an income to secure the network. Currently, the minimum number of coins required to start staking in the Divi network is 10,000 $Divi. A wallet with an even higher amount of coins stands to earn even greater rewards. The current APR is 27.8%. 

The Divi Lottery

Unique to cryptocurrency is the Divi Project’s weekly lottery. When a block is created, 50 coins are allocated to the lottery fund, and when the number of blocks reaches 10,080, the lottery cycle completes. Every week over 500,000 $Divi assets are distributed to 11 users of the lottery section. 252,000 Divi is awarded to one winner, and the other ten winners receive 25,200 Divi. 

Masternodes Tiers

There are five different tiers for running masternodes on the Divi platform. Here are the tiers;

  • Copper Tier- This option requires a minimum of 100k DIVI at a monthly hosting cost of $10. The return on investment for Copper tier users is 20.7%.
  • Silver-tier- The silver tier requires a minimum of 300,000 Divi. Its monthly hosting cost is $10, and the expected ROI is 22.6%.
  • Gold tier- The gold tier requires a minimum of 1 million DIVI, at 23.6% ROI. 
  • Platinum tier- this tier requires a minimum of 3 million DIVI for $15 monthly. The estimated ROI is 24.7%. 
  • Diamond tier- This is by far the highest rewarding tier in the Divi platform. A user is required to have at least 10 million DIVI.

Divi Labs 

The Divi Project is focused on providing solutions and increasing its user base. The founders created Divi Labs to develop Divi ecosystem internal tools, such as the Divi Wallet. The Divi Project remains open-source and not-for-profit. Divi Labs, however, is the private for-profit organization associated with the project. 


Divi Labs owns a Costa Rican remittance company. The benefits that RiDivi brings to the ecosystem include;

  • The creation of debit cards for users
  • IBAN accounts for all its users
  • Easy fiat wire transfers globally
  • Easy one-click crypto to fiat exchanges.

The purchase of this financial technology allows Divi better bridge the gap between traditional finance and cryptocurrency. 

Final Word

Cryptocurrencies are complicated to use in their current form. Divi is here to make the process as easy as possible whilst maintaining security and decentralization. By providing a world-class, decentralized, easy-to-use crypto payment platform, Divi seeks to change the way people use their currencies. With the imminent release of their mobile wallet, the future is bright for the Divi Project

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