The Core Features that makeup YOP Application

The Core Features that makeup YOP Application

By Crypto Adventure | Crypto Adventure | 19 Jan 2021

DeFi is the third wave of the crypto industry. DeFi creates financial products, such as Lending, Borrowing, Margin, etc. DeFi is still small compared to the global market, yet it is growing at a swift rate. In early 2019, there was $275M of crypto surety locked in the DeFi economy. By February 2020, that number had grown to $1B, and it has continued to grow seriously throughout the year, hitting $2.5B in early July, $3B by mid-July, and $4B on 25 July. This rapid growth depicts that there is a  fascinating interest in DeFi from within the crypto community.

This sounds exciting to hear, but millions of people are scared and unfamiliar with the crypto space's technicalities, hence sitting on the fence even though they have a huge interest in joining. This is where YOP, the DeFi initiative that regards itself as the Robinhood of this niche, saves crypto users, especially starters, the stress of interacting with yield protocols. YOP is an all-in-one yOptimization Platform and Protocol focusing on making it very easy for everyone to access yield markets. The team strives to give users full custody, deep understanding, and flexibility using one application. They plan to achieve this daunting task by putting together all the features that yield farmers need, right from accessing a market, earning from it, harvesting your reward, and exchanging it for other cryptocurrencies of your choice. 

Farmers Market

One of the features of YOP in the Farmers Market (Yield Farming). This allows users to access diverse farm protocols through the YOP application. This farming makes available to users the best farms in the space. Everyone can interact with different farm protocols in this single application. One exciting feature within this application is that they have integrated their own Automated Market Maker (AMM), Automated Yield Farmer (AFM), Automated Liquidity Provider (ALP). The team will plug in their own AMM, AFM, and ALP to access data from credible sources to give users market insights about their farming protocols.

Swap Dex

The Swap DEX is a cool tool that allows users to swap tokens directly through the app. Although decentralized exchanges exist, YOP is making it more unique and easier. Users can swap their rewards to different cryptocurrencies in the application. The team categorizes this feature into two. YOP Dex v1 and YOP Dex v2. Dex v1 will aggregate volume and liquidity from different platforms for users. The aggregation and liquidity will not just come from any platform but carefully selected leading platforms. This brings swaps into the app, saves fees, and aids users in selecting the best prices. Dex v2 brings more volume with a stand-alone product developed just for the app. Bolstered by yProtocol to further enhance trade execution and liquidity access

TOP Multi-Currency Wallet

YOP Wallet+ will be supporting ERC20 tokens. It is made in such a way that it will be straightforward to use and very secure. Users will have total control over their funds. With its simplicity, it will enhance the user experience when making transactions with it. There are also connected markets and integrated rewards. YOP Wallet+ gives forces for developments for interoperability across leading networks.

Markets Data

The application will make available real-time market data and analysis; hence users will not need to visit other platforms for statistics about the crypto market. There is complete market data that will display live feeds from various exchanges, block explorers, and networks to all users. The yProtocol will make it easy to draw together data swiftly and better than any other service. With Smart Market Analysis (SMA), YOP will provide users the key token trend on the ethereum blockchain. With artificial intelligence (AI), YOP can explore the "hottest" developments with the SMA software. This offers the YOP user a competitive benefit for yield optimization over other existing platforms.

YOP Dashboard

The YOP dashboard is unlike any other dashboard. Users will be given access to customize their dashboard. It allows individuals to create their own custom space tracking their respective cryptocurrencies in their portfolio. Users get news updates from the SMA, yield reports, and profile data. One can select the market data they want, select data feeds, and organize the data. There is an integrated chat feature that allows users to chat with YOP holders around the world. 


YOP's single platform allows for multiple different chains. The yProtocol permits us to amalgamate any other blockchain service. The extensive network of the team can open doorways for YOP to work with different legit projects. Building network cooperation, working with open minds in Decentralized Finance. The ultimate aim is to constantly grow together, driven by a common substrate, Blockchain Technology.

In Summary 

DeFi is growing rapidly, and YOP is here to make it accessible for all. That is why the team has carefully put together these amazing features to make it available and easy for everyone. yOptimization Platform gives users access to the DeFi Yield marketplace, swap tokens (Swarp Dex), deposit them into your wallet, access market Data (In-depth market data) customize your dashboard. The dashboard is designed securely and with a good touch on UI/UX and helps track all the necessary information within the DeFi space.

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