SYNC Network: Introducing the First Crypto Bonds Strengthening the Blockchain World

SYNC Network: Introducing the First Crypto Bonds Strengthening the Blockchain World

By Crypto Adventure | Crypto Adventure | 21 Oct 2020

Bonds in the fiat world are financial instruments or loans with perpetual income in the form of interests. These financial instruments carry high values; therefore, only the government or well-established companies can enjoy such loans. Their long time use in the fiat world makes them among the most lucrative fiat investments. 

However, since the creation of the crypto world, Defi platforms have entirely been unable to launch a successful crypto bond platform. Crypto bonds would bring plenty of advantages to crypto users in interests and dividends. A new venue, SYNC network, aims to introduce crypto bonds in the blockchain world to strengthen and widen the crypto reach.

What is SYNC Network?

SYNC Network is a next-generation Defi platform introducing the first crypto bonds in the blockchain market. These bonds will be a new class of investment assets in cryptography, parallelling cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and other tokens. The new SYNC crypto bond will be highly beneficial to investors, especially in risk mitigation. Moreover, bond introduction in the crypto world will strengthen cryptography in general. 

The SYNC network allows all investors to choose between its wide variety of tokens to create crypto bonds and earn interest. SYNC sets all crypto bonds to have at least 50% of SYNC token, thus, bolstering the SYNC token’s stability and liquidity. 

Adaptive Smart Contracts

This network consists of a two-contract project with ERC-20 and ERC-721 contracts, the latter being for crypto bonds. The SYNC tokens have deflationary-inflationary attributes owing to their crypto bond investor interactions. These adaptive contracts allow users to exchange tokens in the following forms;

Trustless Transfer

That is where users can transfer their bonds to other wallets. In this trustless transfer, the user’s only expense is the Gas fee.

Trustless Trading

Trustless trading allows investors to trade crypto bonds at their market by leveraging the auction or bond AMMs.

Trustless Proof of long Term Positions

The bonds hold some tokens for a liquidity pool, tokens only removable after the crypto bonds’ maturation period.

What are SYNC Network’s Best Features?

When creating crypto bonds, the SYNC network locks an equal value amount of LP tokens and SYNC tokens in UniSwap to an ERC-721 non-fungible token. This network can create two types of crypto bonds dubbed; term crypto bonds and quarterly dividend crypto bonds. 

Term bonds earn interest upon a set-term maturation, be it 90 and 180 days or 1, 2, and 3 years. However, quarterly dividend bonds allow the withdrawal of quarterly SYNC payments after 90 days earning period. Other most essential features of the SYNC crypto bond network include;


  • Crypto Bond Interest


The SYNC bondholders enjoy great interest, with adjustable rates; hence the rates readjust daily to meet the supply and demand. This regular readjusting ensures the token’s liquidity remains high since the supply matches the demand.


  • Long-Term Sustainability


After the creation of SYNC crypto bonds, SYNC erases tokens from the total token supply. However, after the bonds’ maturity period, the SYNC tokens will merge with the earned interest and reintroduced back to the pool.


  • Speculation 2.0


The market gains the speculative aspect because of trading large packs of crypto assets in a crypto bond. That utterly provides a new, better trading method that boosts the market’s liquidity. 


  • The Crypto Bond Marketplace


SYNC network plans to introduce a crypto bond marketplace where investors can trade groups of interest-earning assets as one item. The bonds spread risks to all bonded assets in the market, thus mitigating the general market risks.

In their quest to ensure even higher marketplace liquidity, the SYNC network installs automated bond market makers. These bond AMMs allow users to sell their crypto bond instantly without using the auction. Another core benefit of the marketplace is that trading doesn’t affect asset spot prices in the crypto bond.

Benefits Owing SYNC Network

The SYNC network brings a wide range of benefits for investors. For instance, since the network locks liquidity in crypto bonds, the system ensures investment certainty for large and small scale investors. Among other significant benefits include;

  • The crypto bond system brings dynamic trading ways while protecting liquidity.
  • The platform allows individuals to customize their bonds in the way they deem more lucrative.
  • It provides cross-chain blockchain transfers by leveraging the REN protocol.
  • This network also brings high yields for investors.

SYNC Community Involvement

SYNC founders use a telegram channel to interact with customers and investors and give them feedback. Moreover, the platform allows the community to join the team and become a moderator by visiting the SYCO bond email page.

SYNC Token Economics 

The tokens symbol is SYNC, and the currently available tokens for supply are 616 million. The fair release schedule launch is November 2020, and the release ends in November 2021, aiming to sell 48.7% of tokens, i.e., 300 million tokens. About 2.5% of the tokens sold in private sales, and 7% allocated as team allocations. Moreover, SYNC will use 16% of its token for partnership and marketing and 25% for the crypto bond fund. 

Final Word

TheSync network’s introduction in the crypto market brings neverending profits for crypto enthusiasts ready to invest. Crypto bonds will have vast advantages, the topmost being perpetual returns in the form of interest. This new asset class will create more dynamic opportunities and foster the general crypto market’s faster growth. 

SYNC also aims to foster the decentralization of finance by involving the community and interacting with them on a group level. Moreover, it allows investors to participate in financial moderation by being the moderators. 

The fair release schedule is beginning soon; therefore, investors should brace themselves for the best returns in the first-ever crypto bond network. 

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