STC Review: The First Academic Student Coin in the World

By Crypto Adventure | Crypto Adventure | 29 Aug 2020

Mainstream adoption is the big dream for most cryptocurrencies. Different coins have all tried to catch and engage a niche in the market chasing this dream. While many of them have focused on trade and fintech, we have random ones like Dogecoin that have gone entirely outside the box. 

However, as much as millennials are considered trendsetters to crypto use and adoption, a big part of their demographic is left out. The education industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. Yet there hasn’t been a coin targeting students in universities or early adoption, until now. 

Student Coin (STC) is the first token in the world created for students that aim to educate on blockchain technology and foster early adoption. The project is run by students from different universities, research clubs, and entrepreneurs under the academic faculty’s supervision.

About Student Coin Blockchain

The Student Coin was created to introduce the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain to students. STC is a coin that aims to tokenize modern education systems and create a multi-university blockchain network that connects universities worldwide. Doing so also pushes acceptance of the blockchain technology in the world and facilitates crypto adoption. 

The student coin token is based on two blockchains; Ethereum and Waves. The Ethereum blockchain enables STC exchanges and trading. At the same time, the Waves blockchain allows users a platform to create custom blockchains. The Student Coin is based on the Delegated Proof of Stake consensus (DPoS), offering higher speed and protection from malicious practices. Student Coins are currently distributed mainly on airdrops to popularize the concept and widen acceptance among the targeted people.

Furthermore, they are awarding new members with a few free coins to start up right after joining. The website is also having a section of Presale that is ongoing and leading to enable the development of next phases of the project. Those are STC database, STC Exchange, STC Terminal and Student App. The entire development plan is available in the whitepaper. Currently, over 500 universities are involved in over 25 countries.

Main Features of STC

Education & STC Database

The main agenda for the Student Coin is to offer direct cryptocurrency and blockchain education. The presence of functioning crypto in the learning sector will help create relevant projects and courses to study technological advancement in the world. The program will offer online classes, equipping students and other interested parties with intensive knowledge blockchain, finance, and other related subjects. Availing all necessary information on the STC database and implementing blockchain in the educational institution prepares the coming generation to use and push further the agenda.

STC Exchange & Trading

The Student Coin has been developed so that it can be traded on cryptocurrency exchange platforms and sites, giving students and other qualified members a chance to start participating and reaping the benefits from early on. To date, it has been listed on three markets, and the number is set to grow.

Utility Tokens

Student Coin tokens will be used to access utilities within the school set up and pay for the essential services. All these will be possible through the incoming mobile app that will be available worldwide. Transactions will be carried out through the ‘Student App’ which will also act as a wallet.

STC Ecosystem

The project opens up universities to create an ecosystem where students interact and benefit from all universities involved. Doing so encourages the sharing of ideas and creating exchange programs. The blockchain-based Student Coin exposes students to better networks to interact with other universities, business companies, and, most importantly, investors. The Student Coin will allow students, student organizations, and academic institutions to seek funding for their projects from investors worldwide.

Other Fields Student Coin will Impact


The blockchain technology used to develop the Student Coin token will make the process faster and more credible. Advancement in the systems plays a huge role in holding internal elections when selecting student committees and signing petitions, which are a massive part of universities’ decision-making. The Student Coin concept will significantly ease this voting process.

Data storage

The educational sector is big and contains loads of data. The blockchain system is the best when it comes to handling data and information. It offers a more secure, less bulky storage option. It will also facilitate smoother and faster access and transfer of data.

Template to create minor tokens

The Student Coin token system creates a platform for the creation of other tokens for particular universities and faculty. Each university can have specialized tokens used to serve different individual universities’ roles. They will all have their value based on the initial [STC] Student Coin. Having specialized tokenization ultimately reflects on schools’ activities such as the rewarding system and exchange of value in the school.

Access and proof of identity

Universities serve many people, some up to hundreds of thousands, and identification is vital for access services. The blockchain offers a platform where all institutional services will not only be digital and automated but secure with better data storage. The new advancement in technology and the use of STC will ease always carrying hard documents and a mix up of data.


Students are empowered to build assets while still learning mostly through trading. Once the project is in full spin and the coin is widely accepted, students will massively benefit as they will use it even after their study terms.


Student Coin token enables students to gain knowledge on the blockchain system. It also enables the world of education to become modern and implement blockchain into various areas of its activity. It is crucial to gain exposure on what the world of finance and technology will be like in the foreseeable future. This exposure will significantly affect the cryptocurrency and blockchain spread and acceptance, further pushing the world’s concept of being a global village. 

The education system will significantly benefit from this advancement as it will run all of its activities on the highly advanced blockchain system. The Student Coin will propel interaction among universities hence helping students carry out projects, research, and build networks that will be helpful even after their studies. Finally, the [STC] Student Coin project has designed the required courses on blockchain and cryptocurrencies available to everyone worldwide through online classes.

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